#TrendopeStories: The Saint and The Sinner Part 4 -Daniel In The Lions’ Den [Must Read]

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“The bathroom!!…the bathroom!!!…” hurried Cindy in the most desperate whisper ever known to  man; and nearly in a scream!

And we perfectly understood her, and all began rushing towards the bathroom in-suite in the bedroom, after I had risen from the floor where I had fallen, and picked up our scattered clothes! But we had only just got in there, when we also quickly realized someone was supposed to answer the door, anyway! Damn it!

“Answer the…door Pastor…” Cindy then said, with very frantic eyes. “We can’t leave them knocking…”

I nodded my head in the same vain and began leaving them in the bathroom! The knocks were still coming, moreover!

“…just tell them you…were praying…” Sis. Tosin then intelligently further chipped in as I shut the bathroom door behind me. Well, that did make a lot of sense, in fact! After all, nothing else could harmlessly explain all the sweat on my body right then! After pulling on my singlet and trousers, I unlocked the bedroom door!

Not one, but six very sceptical-looking faces, were right in the lobby, staring at me with damning frowns! Surely, my sweaty face wasn’t going to help, was it?

“Ah…Pastor…” a rather frigid voice then broke out as soon as I faced them. It was that of the man who was nearest to me. I didn’t know him by name.

“Goooood…evening…” I quickly aptly said, more for a want of what else to say. “Is there annnnnyyy…problem…bbbbrethren?”

“We were hearing a lot of noise from your room…” the man behind the first man began saying immediately, quite uninvited, “…so we were wondering, if there is any problem? ” himself and a couple others had even begun raising their necks to steal a peek into the bedroom behind me, already. How I prayed they wouldn’t see the bed! It was fucking drenched!

“Problem?” I went on to quiz, pretending I didn’t know what they must have heard, “There is no problem sirs. I was just…praying…You can all see that I am sweating.”

They went instantly cold; probably perplexed beyond words by how much the situation had just turned around against them!

“Oh…” the first man then said, returning his eyes from the empty bedroom behind me, to look up to my face! He must be wondering how ‘fuck me harder’ had become a prayer point!

“I…thought…I heard another person’s voic….” another of the men began revealing again, but the rest of the group quickly shot him down!

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