#TrendopeStories: The Saint and The Sinner 2 – Signs Of The Times [Must Read]

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“Good afternoon ma…” greeted an apparently embarrassed Sis. Abigail, as she walked past my wife who on her part, was visibly unhappy! She didn’t respond! Instead, she kept her eyes on me!
In fact, she had actually stopped in her tracks as soon as she stepped in and saw me standing just a few inches away from a rather involved Sis. Abigail! And as soon as the later shut the door behind her, Queendaline began the expected!
“And what the heck was that Daniel?!” she would call me by my name only when it is about something like this one.
“What’s what?” I quickly re-asked, searching frantically with my head, what possible explanation I could give right away!
“Are you seriously asking me that? I mean, did you just ask me that question?!” she was now within touching distance!

“Why won’t I?” I insisted, “You just walked into a very important meeting…and after interrupting us rather rudely, you are also trying to make it look like the meeting was something bad in the first place!” the expression on her face, simply said it all; she couldn’t f*cking believe I still had an explanation for what just happened!
“Did you just say an ‘important meeting’?!” she sparked, raising her voice a bit! “What do you think I am? Some fool?! You think I didn’t see you looking at that same girl throughout today in church?! Eh?!!”
She was indeed smart, but mehn, I wasn’t gonna be put to the sword today! “I don’t understand what you are talking about, honey! You are obviously being obsessed about something! This girl is getting married in a few months, and she’s been seeing me for weekly counselling towards their preparation, for quite some time now! So just stop being paranoid, okay?!”
There was instant calm! This one did go in rather more effectively than every other thing I had been saying! But anyone who’d seen her then, could tell she was only taking it in for a want of choices!

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