#TrendopeStories: The Saints and The Sinner – The Prelude [Must Read]

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Maybe not! I knew what these paths had done to me in the past! I knew what coming downstairs at night by exactly 10:15pm every day for drinking water, had done to me and my Christian life! I knew Cindy. I knew what she was all about. I knew us too! So would I say I was surprise? Definitely not! Not after I had consciously told myself I wouldn’t come downstairs by 10:15pm for drinking water anymore! Not after I had even succeeded in keeping to those precepts for 2 days running! Not at all! Now I was here, ‘downstairs for water’! The very source of all my weaknesses! The very source of Cindy!

“Just this last time Pastor…please…” she said again. This time standing right in front of me! When I opened my eyes to look, I found her stark naked!

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