The Vamps – Night & Day [Leaked Album ZIP] FREE DOWNLOAD

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The Vamps – Night & Day

 The Vamps – Night & Day [Leaked Album ZIP] FREE DOWNLOAD

Tracklist For:  The Vamps – Night & Day 

Middle of the Night (The Vamps & Martin Jensen)
All Night (The Vamps & Matoma)
Hands (Matoma ft. The Vamps & Sabrina Carpenter)
Same to You
Paper Hearts
Shades On
It’s a Lie (feat. TINI)
Night Edition

My Place
Sad Song

The Vamps are back and better than ever with their newest album, “Night & Day (Night Edition).” The album, which was released on July 14, 2017, is definitely one to listen to and for good reason. It is created with a different style than their previous albums, the title is unique and it’s just a fun album to have in your playlist.

The Vamps is a pop-rock band based in the U.K. Following their last project “Wake Up,” released in 2015, “Night & Day (Night Edition)” definitely doesn’t miss a beat. Lead singer Brad Simpson provides amazing vocals on every song. With the help of bandmates James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, this new album will definitely get music fans around the world talking.

“Night & Day” only contains 10 songs, making it the shortest album to date. Despite the album length, it is everything the fans were expecting and hoping it would be: great vibes, an amazing lead singer, amazing collaborations and all-around fun. Although the band has been compared to One Direction and has been deemed a “boy band” on multiple occasions, the band and their music ride its own creative wave. The Vamps have created an album with a more mature, upbeat sound than previously released albums.

Now, while listening to the album, whether you’re at home, on the go or at the gym, you’ll find yourself singing along, dancing and possibly imagining yourself at the next live show. It just has that “performance” feel.

Initially released in 2016, “All Night” features Motoma, and despite being an older song on the album, it’s still just as good being re-released on the official album.

While the songs feature fast, upbeat and dance-worthy tunes, the last two tracks slow it down considerably, likely leading to some skips for listeners wanting to jam.

Looking past the musical quality of this album, the titles of the tracks and record title in general are both unique and original — something that’s hard to maintain at times. However, The Vamps were able to deliver both creative music and creative titles.


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