#DatingTips: The Seduction Guide for Men: How to Seduce Her Like a Gentleman

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#2 Look the part. If you dress well, not only do you impress her, but you feel more confident with yourself too. Make sure you pick out an outfit appropriate for the occasion, dress smartly, and don’t choose anything too loud or garish. You want to look sophisticated and manly, but also at ease with yourself and like you haven’t gone too overboard either.

#3 Make an effort. No matter how fantastic your outfit, if you haven’t bothered to shower, do your hair, and spray a bit of nice cologne on before you leave the house she isn’t going to be massively impressed!

#4 Be confident. Build up your confidence before your date. Have a mantra that you say to yourself in the mirror, listen to a great song that gets you pumped, remind yourself that she likes you, and you have nothing to lose.

Even if you feel pretty nervous inside, if you give off that air of confidence then you stand a much better chance of winning her over. When it comes to seduction, uncertainty, stuttering, shaking, and being unsure simply aren’t your friends!

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