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STORY: Mrs. Sophia takes on Lenny and friends [Part 2]

Lenny loves to be with older women, Sophia is at the mall craddle-snatching, and she is about to take home a bunch of young boys home for an orgy.

When the game was over, Sophia picked up her purse, gave us a smile, and led us out of the arcade, out of the galleria, to the parking lot. Way down the row, all alone, was her shiny black jeep. The three of us walked a step behind Sophia, like she was our mom.

When we approached the car, Sophia pushed her remote key, and we heard the jeep unlock. She turned and handed Bassey her keys. After a slight hesitation, Bassey accepted the keys and headed for the driver's door.
Sophia approached the back seat driver-side door. Lanre, the bastard, was quicker than me and grabbed the back seat passenger-side door handle, leaving me idle. Sophia was already in the back seat next to Lanre as I got in the front. I immediately looked back at Sophia, whose skirt had hiked up enough for me to get a nice look at her bare legs. Her calves looked perfect, and although her thighs had just a little extra fat on them, they looked hot to me.
Bassey took a minute to familiarize himself with the controls, and Sophia pointed a few things out. He started up the car, and put it into gear. "Where are we going?"
Sophia replied, "You guys know this area, right? Why don't you find some nice quiet area to drive around in where we won't be bothered?"
Bassey drove the jeep out of its parking spot, and headed for the street. "Head for that GRA," suggested Lanre.
I have seen our town before, so I looked back at Sophia's thighs. My hard dick still pushed into my trouser. Sophia saw me looking back at her, and smiled. She shifted her right knee towards Lanre, spreading her legs and causing her skirt to hike up more. I looked up at her long enough to see if she was watching me try to look up her skirt. She was watching me, and smiling. Then she spread her legs even wider, and her skirt rose further up her thighs. I now had a clear view up her skirt.
But I wasn't seeing panties. What I was staring at was a triangle of black pubic hair. The sexy lady wasn't wearing panties, I had never seen such a lady before. Her pubic hair must've been her natural color, being less dark than the hair on her head, which apparently was dyed.
Lanre sidled over closer to Sophia, and she looked over at him and smiled then she placed her right hand on his thigh. But she kept her legs spread open for me, Lanre reciprocated and put his left hand on Sophia's right leg, near her mid-thigh. Sophia circled her hand around his thigh briefly, and then slid it right up over his crotch, alternately looking into Lanre's eyes and then down at his crotch.
Lanre mimicked her moves, squeezing her bare thigh for a bit, and then slowly slid his hand up under her skirt, pushing it up higher. Sophia simply spread her legs further apart.
As much as I enjoyed staring at Sophia's pussy, I glanced up at Lanre, and the look on his face when he realized he was touching a naked hairy pussy, was priceless! He had a huge grin that he couldn't wipe off.
While Lanre finger fucked the older woman, Bassey drove us out on the main road, and up a near-empty road. Sophia and Lanre started making out. Sophia stopped to unzip Lanre's trousers. Lanre finished by opening his trousers and whipping out his hard dick. Sophia grabbed it with her left hand, and stroked it up and down. By about the third stroke it was hard as a rock and very lengthy.
Sophia's legs were spread wide in a very unladylike way. I could see her labia in the midst of the hair, and Lanre's finger going in and out, and in circles. Bassey had adjusted his rear view mirror to watch the action also.
Lanre removed his hand from her pussy, ran it up her right side, and over her right breasts. He squeezed it a couple of times, then reached into her blouse. I watched his hand inside her blouse, feeling her breasts, as he made out with this older woman. Sophia continued stroking Lanre's dick.
Bassey drove into a construction estate. There were a number of new roads, and a few scattered homes in various stages of construction, but otherwise the streets were empty. It must have been late enough in the evening that the construction workers had all gone home. Bassey drove through the dusty road, with no sign of any other humans.
Sophia whispered something to Lanre, who smiled nervously. He released her, and she threw her right knee over his lap, and climbed onto him. Fortunately the jeep had plenty of leg room. She had her back to Lanre, so she was facing me. Her skirt was hiked to her waist, so I was staring at her wide-open hairy pussy. She wiggled her butt to get set where she wanted, and reached between her legs to grab Lanre's stiff dick.
She lowered her pussy down on it. The dick head disappeared into her pussy. I was watching a grown woman fuck my friend!
Sophia slid her pussy down onto Lanre's shaft, and his whole dick disappeared into her pussy. Sophia wiggled a little more, with a smile on her face then she started rising and lowering herself on Lanre's wet stiff dick, up and down, up and down.
From my vantage point in the front seat, I could clearly see the black dick disappear and reappear from her wet shiny pussy, about few feet away from my face.
Lanre placed his hands on Sophia's hips, as he fucked her pussy. Sophia looked into my eyes, and smiled at me as she fucked my friend.
Her blouse had fallen below her breasts. While looking into my eyes, she raised her blouse up under her arms again, exposing both of her breasts coated with thick nipples. She reached up, cupped both of her them with her hands, and shook them for my pleasure, smiling at me as she played with her own breasts.
Lanre reached up and started squeezing her breasts while he thrust into her. Sophia emitted moans as she rocked up and down.
Their rhythm was speeding up, and I could hear the mushy sounds of Lanre's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, as well as the slapping of his upper thighs meeting Sophia's jiggling ass and thighs.
"Uhhh! Ohhh!" Sophia moaned as Lanre fucked her hard and pinched her nipples. Her thighs jiggled and rippled each time Lanre slapped into them. "Uhhhh!"
Sophia wasn't looking at Bassey or me anymore. She was mostly looking up at the ceiling. She looked like she was dizzy. Her eyes were rolling up into the back of her head. Her moans turned into wails, reverberating through her jeep. "OOOOWWWWW! UUUUUUHHHHH!"
I noticed Lanre change his rhythm, jerking and slowing down. I wondered if he came. Sophia was rocking back and forth, thrashing about, as she moaned out, with a pained expression on her mature face. Her hair was shaking back and forth, and some locks got stuck in her open mouth. "UHUHUHUHHH!"
With a series of final shudders, Sophia fell back onto Lanre, gasping rapidly, her legs spread open and her pussy still engulfing Lanre's hard dick.
Lanre wasn’t a huge guy, and the older woman had clearly a lot of weight on him.
Sophia noticed, and climbed off of him. She looked around at us, regaining her composure.
"Lanre, honey, do you want to drive now? Lenny, why don't you and Bassey both come back here with me? There's plenty of room here!" Her voice was already regaining strength. Bassey drove into a street and put the jeep into the back of an uncompleted building.

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