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STORY: Mrs. Sophia takes on Lenny and friends

Having nothing better to do after lectures, Lanre, Bassey, and I walked over to the game arcade at Silverbird Galleria. We don't do this all the time, but when we do, none of us have a lot of money. So we usually play just a couple of video games, then walk around the cinema and look for chicks.

The game arcade wasn't crowded at that time of the afternoon, but there were a few people there. The two guys who worked there weren't much older than we are, and all three of us were 20 years of age. There were a few other guys there, a group of girls, and some children with their moms.
We had just started in on our first game, when I spotted her nearby, watching us. I presumed that she was a mom there with her own kids, but she seemed to just be hanging around where we were in the back, out of view from everybody else.
I might have noticed her eventually, because I'm always horny and I don't have a problem looking at older women. I won't admit it even to my friends, but I lust for just about anything female, even my older female lecturers and my friends' moms and women in my neighborhood.
But I noticed her first off because she was looking at us and smiling. She had stylish hair that complimented her beautiful face. Her skirt was hemmed just about mid-thigh, another reason that I would have noticed her eventually.
Not really short, but not common on someone her age. Her legs looked pretty good, certainly good enough for me.
Her blouse was light blue material. Her breasts weren't big at all, but she had some. I would like to fuck her if I had the chance.
We were playing a car racing game with a steering wheel and a pedal that can play up to four people. It was my turn, and I did pretty well. When I was done, I looked up to see her standing right behind us, watching us play our game.
She spoke to me.
"You did well. Do you play this game a lot?"
"Uh, no, not too much," I said.
She stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me, watching Bassey play.
Bassey finished up, and the game was over. We started to move away from the game.
"Oh, play another!" She exclaimed."
"I'll pay!" She pulled a handful of naira notes out of her purse, and handed them to Lanre.
"Thanks," said Lanre.
"Can I play, too?" She asked.
"Sure," said Lanre. The lady took the first turn on the game, and didn't do too well. When she backed off, Lanre took his turn. She stood behind me, pressing her chest against the back of my shoulder. I do get a lot of physical contact with many females, but having this woman that close, knowing her breasts were back there pressing into me, smelling just a hint of perfume, was enough to get my dick tingling.
But I noticed that she was leaning up against Bassey, too.
When Lanre finished with his turn and I took mine, she was talking to him and standing shoulder-to-shoulder, too. Lanre and Bassey always bragged about banging few girls in their area, but they appeared happy to be receiving attention from this lady, whoever she was, too.
After my turn, I stood next to her again. I stared closer at her face as she watched the game. She had the face of a goddess. She was probably real beauty in her youth, but she had an even pretty face even now, with her sexy eyes, small nose and full lips.
There were moles around her eyes and above her lips. Of course I looked down at her breast, which looked soft and bouncy. I was guessing that she was about mid-forties.
She looked over and caught me looking at her. She smiled as I quickly looked away then she leaned in to see the game. Her blouse fell open, and naturally, my eyes went down her top.
Way down. The lighting was not great in the back of the game arcade, but I could see past the point of her cleavages, to the top of her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra!
Her breasts didn't look big, but I didn't care, they were BREASTS, and enough to feel. My dick hardened in my trouser. I glanced up to make sure she didn’t catch me looking at her breasts, and I noticed that Bassey was on the other side of her, also looking down her blouse, with his mouth open.
We finished the first game, and she gave us more money to play. It was my turn.
"My name is Sophia," I heard her say to the others, who murmured their names to her.
When I was done I backed away, getting into position to see her cleavage again.
"I'm Sophia. What's your name?" She asked me.
She smiled wider, and her eyes dropped from my eyes, down my body. "And are you..."
"Are you endowed?" she asked, alternately looking from my eyes to my crotch. She didn't really mean it the way it sounded, did she?
“yeah, sure," I muttered.
I didn’t want to brag, but I had a long length of dick, so I was hoping that's what she meant.
Lanre, the most forward of the three of us with women, asked her, "Are you here with somebody?"
"No. Just me," Sophia replied.
"Are you from around here?" Lanre asked.
"I stay in Lekki."
"Here to watch some movie?" Lanre continued.
"No, not really. Just looking for some action," Sophia said with a seductive smile.
Sophia stood to the right side of the car racing game, and leaned way over, watching Bassey play. Her blouse gapped way open. I was standing to her immediate left, and I could see her whole right breasts! It was not tiny, but a little on the smallish side maybe, and it looked very firm.
Her areola was a darker brown shade, not too large. Her nipple looked soft and fairly thick.
Lanre was on the opposite side of the game, across from her, but her blouse was so wide open that I could bet that he was seeing her breasts, too. And certainly Bassey could see her breasts as he played the game, he probably did, because he drove off the side of the road and ended his turn, but wouldn't leave the steering wheel.
All three of us were leaning in towards Sophia. Sophia looked around at us with a sardonic smile. I had a feeling that she knew what she was showing, and where we were looking.
Sophia stood behind me again, and this time when she pressed her breasts into my shoulder, I knew that it wasn't covered by a bra. I rubbed my shoulder back and forth against it, and Sophia boldly slid her breasts up and down on my shoulder. I felt her hand on my back, over my shirt. It dropped down quickly, and as it fell away it brushed down over my right butt cheek. Did she mean that?
Yes she did, because soon the hand was back on my hip. There was nobody else in the last row of games in the back of the game arcade, but on occasion another parent or employee wandered through. So there was temporary privacy but people could be watching.
Sophia's hand slid down my back, and palmed my ass cheek again. I saw her glance back behind me and check out my ass. I just stood motionless, and gladly accepted the grope.
But I wasn't alone. I saw her lean over to Lanre on her left, whisper something to him, and run her left hand down his loose-fitting chinos.
My left arm was down my side, and I rubbed it along Sophia's right hip. She leaned into it. As she took another feel of my ass, I glanced around to make sure nobody else was looking at us. I put my palm lightly on her lower back, on her blouse just above her skirt. I brushed it downward, and caught a quick rub of her ass cheek over her skirt before quickly moving it up to her back.
Sophia responded by squeezing my ass a couple of times. So I moved my hand back down, grabbed her left ass cheek, and squeezed it. It was the roundest ass I had ever felt, and it was firm and fleshy, and I loved the way the flesh gave way to my grasp.
"Do you guys like cars? Do you drive?" Sophia asked us.
Lanre spoke for all of us. "I have my license."
"I have a Toyota Landcruiser jeep," Sophia said.
"Cool! That’s one of my dream cars," said Bassey, the only one of us interested in cars.
"Do you want to take it for a test drive?" Sophia asked Bassey.
"One of you said he owns a driving license, you brought it with you right? That makes it legal."
"You mean it?" Bassey asked.
"Wouldn't that be more fun than standing here pretending to drive a car? Oyah let’s all take my jeep for a drive after this game."
We mumbled "OK," and continued playing the current game. I had to wonder what this lady was up to. Why should she want to us to drive her jeep? Was she really that lonely that she wanted to spend time with us? I looked at her hands.
Her left hand had a wedding ring on it, and what looked to me to be a large diamond ring. As much as I wanted to believe that she wanted to fuck one or more of us, which was just too good to be true. But as long as there was the slimmest chance, I was willing to go along.

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