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STORY: Lenny's randy encounter with Bassey's mum

Lenny and Bassey have been friends all their lives, his mum is insanely hot. At this pool party, things are getting hot in the bedroom upstairs with Lenny and Mrs. Udoh.


Bassey and I had been friends for four years. We were best of friends in secondary school and although we are going to different universities we have fun together when we are home.

We were both handsome guys and very popular with the ladies. Bassey's dad was a very successful businessman and they lived in a majestic home.

There was a large swimming pool in the backyard. Bassey decided to have a pool party, one Wednesday when his dad was out of town on a business trip. Mr. Udoh was not fond of parties at his house but Bassey's mother was fine with it.

I and my girlfriend, Ogechi arrived at the pool party at 1:00 PM and we were greeted by Bassey’s mother, Mrs. Udoh who told us to enjoy the party. There was free drink and food available, a ball was in the pool and there was already a game in progress. I looked around at the ladies from the university and I noticed that they all were wearing bikinis and skimpy wears.

There was an abundant display of beautiful female flesh and I felt my dick harden as I took in the sight. I was glad that I decided to wear my tight swim trunks otherwise the outline of my dick would be on continuous display.

I had been dating Ogechi for year and we were yet to have sex. I was hoping the party would loosen her up and we would have sex later. Ogechi looked good in her bikini. She was well-rounded and curvy. As I looked around at the other girls, it was Bassey's mother who caught my eye the most.

She was in great shape for a 45-year-old woman and it was obvious that she worked at it. Victoria Udoh was a real beauty and she proudly displayed her figure in a skimpy gown.

I suggested that Ogechi and I play a game of volleyball in the pool. I knew that would get my attention and keep me from checking out my best friend's mother. I had had several sexual escapades with women older than myself but there was something very unique about Mrs. Udoh.

The volleyball game was a good distraction as four of us played and the girls were jumping around in their bikinis. After the game, I got drinks for Ogechi and myself. We were chatting with a group when I had to pee. I excused myself to use the toilet. Ogechi kept on chatting with the other girls as I left the pool area to use the toilet.

The bathroom on the last floor was occupied. Even though I knew my way around the house, I didn't venture upstairs to use the toilet there. I wouldn't go upstairs unless Bassey was there. I then ran into Mrs. Udoh.

"Can I help you Lenny?"

"Oh, no thanks Mrs. Udoh. I'm waiting to use the toilet."

"Come on I'll show you where the one is upstairs and please call me Victoria. You're 22 now and Mrs. Udoh makes me feel old."

It was odd that she thought she needed to show me where the toilet was as I already knew. She could have just given me permission to use the one upstairs. I followed Victoria up the stairs and I couldn't help but look at her perfect figure in her skimpy gown. Victoria suspected that I was checking her out and she purposely swayed her ass for my benefit.

"Oh, this one is occupied too. Come you can use the one in the master bedroom."

I had never been in the master bedroom before and I was surprised that she was so casual about it. I never used my parent's toilet at my house as it always seemed so private. She showed me to the toilet which I entered and locked the door.

I peed out some of the beer I drank and then washed and dried my hands. I opened the door and to my surprise I saw that Victoria was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I looked her up and down again and made up my mind that she was definitely sexy.

"Everything came out alright?"

"Just fine," I replied nervously and then moved to leave the bedroom.

Victoria then took my hand and pulled me into her. She had already closed and locked the bedroom door. She leaned in to kiss me and I kissed her back as I ran my hands around her flat stomach. I knew it was foolish to be in the arms of my best friend's mother, a married woman but I threw caution aside.

My hands made their way to her gown removed it, and her bra, I unstrapped it. She pressed herself tightly against me as if she were protecting her breasts. The nipples on her breasts were rock hard and stood out. I rolled her nipples in my fingers and she moaned with desire.

I complimented her on her breasts just before I leaned over and took them in my mouth. I sucked on one breast at a time, rolling the nipples gently in between my teeth. She cried out in delight and she actually had a mild orgasm.

No one had sucked on her breasts in a while and the feeling to her was tremendous. As I sucked on her breasts and nipples, she quickly fell into a ecstatic state and lost control. I was beyond caring about who she was and thought of her as a sex-starved woman.

I next removed her panties. Now she stood totally naked. I rubbed her firm thighs and cupped her curvy ass. I complimented her on her body. When I finally fingered her pussy, it was as if an electric shock hit her and she trembled. She grabbed hold of me to maintain her balance as the orgasm seemed to pass through her body.

I guided her over to the bed and lay her back on it. I then pushed her legs back to her chest causing her thighs to part. I kissed her inner thighs driving her wild and when I finally ran my tongue over her pussy, she almost jumped from the bed.

To be Continued

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