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FICTION: Lenny's randy encounter with Bassey's mum [Part 2]


Maybe Victoria thought to herself that surely, I wasn't going to eat an older woman's pussy but I did. I knew my way around women and I ate her through an incredible mind blowing orgasm. She pulled me closer with her legs as she came and flooded my mouth with her juice.

I removed my head from between her thighs and stood up. She watched as I untied the string in my swim trunks and trouser and let it drop toward my ankles.

I kicked my swim trunks aside and my big dick hardened in front of me. She was looking like she was truly intimidated by my dick. I smiled at her and then I turned her body around so that she was kneeling on the bed. I stepped up behind her and pushed my big dick into her pussy from behind. I took my time letting her get used to my size as I entered her.

She had never felt as full as she did then; her pussy was stuffed with my dick. I fucked her slowly and I played with her curvy firm ass. I tickled her ass hole but I did not penetrate it with my finger.

"Stay here," I whispered and left her for a minute.

Seconds later, I was back in her and I reached around and played with her breasts and nipples as I fucked her. Then I dropped one hand to her pussy reaching around and locating her clit. I rubbed her clit as I fucked her from behind and then she felt something strange in her rectum. She must have felt a warm liquid enter her anus and she looked confused as to what it was.

Later she was to learn that I had used her body cream as a lubricant for her anal passage. Though, as I continued to fuck her pussy and flick across her clit, she was racing toward another orgasm. Just as her body started to tremble, I moved my dick from her pussy to her ass. She groaned as she felt the new intrusion but her orgasm was so intense that she wasn't able to hold off the anal penetration.

I am sure she had had anal sex before but not with a dick so thick and long. Soon I was fucking her slowly and she had now pushed her own hand into her pussy. Victoria felt my body stiffen and then I unleashed a torrent of cum into her ass. My cumming in her ass must have felt like an enema.

She had felt my dick throb as each jet of cum shot out of my shaft and into her rectum. We both remained still for a few minutes and then I pulled my dick from her ass. Victoria felt as if some giant plug had been pulled out of her ass and then she felt my cum trickle out of her ass down between her inner thighs and over her pussy. She stayed in the kneeling position on the bed as I put on my swim trunks.

"Lenny, I would like to see you again," she said surprising me.

There was my best friend's mother who I just finished having anal sex with and she was asking to see me again.

"I don't think that is sensible."

"Come back tonight after you take Ogechi home. We can spend the night together,"

"What about Bassey?"

"He'll be at staying at a friend’s house. The parents are away."

"I don't know. I'll think about it."

I left the bedroom and Victoria got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She then located her clothing, went back to the pool party and immediately jumped in to the pool to cool off and let the pool water cleanse her body.

She looked around and saw Ogechi talking with me on the pool deck. Everything appeared normal and I was so calm that one would have never suspected that I had just fucked my best friend's mother. Victoria was pleased with herself as she had lusted over me for some time. She hoped that she could lure me back to her bed that night.

Ogechi and I swam, played volleyball, ate, drank and danced as did most of the others for the remainder of the party. Then about 8:00 PM, Ogechi and I left the party as Ogechi wanted to get some loving before she had to be home. We sought out Bassey to thank him for the party before we left.

I also ran into Victoria again who hugged me and whispered, "Come back later."

I kept my cool and did not react to Victoria's invitation but I thought about it. She was definitely good in bed and the anal sex did not turn her off. Ogechi and I then left and walked to our favorite smooching spot. Once we got there, She couldn't wait to have my mouth on her pussy again. She had her panties off in no time and I moved between her legs and licked her pussy.

I stayed focused on eating her pussy and she had multiple orgasms and drenched my face. I was relentless and I never removed my mouth from her pussy as she had a continuous string of orgasms with the last one being the most intense that she could remember. I then moved up and kissed her and she tasted her own juice on my face.

"We need to get you home Ogechi," he whispered.

"But what about you, you didn't cum tonight?"

"It's okay we have all day tomorrow. My parents are gone. We can make love all afternoon."

Ogechi felt better and she was already thinking about being naked with me in my bed the next day. She would never know that while she was thinking about tomorrow, I was thinking about Victoria's offer to return. I dropped Ogechi off at her home, we kissed goodnight and then I decided to return to the party.


I arrived at the Bassey’s house and walked around back to the swimming pool. The party was over and everyone was gone including Bassey. Not seeing Victoria, I walked into the house and she was in the parlour naked.

"I was hoping that you would come back. Come on let's go upstairs and pick up where we left off."

We entered her bedroom and she got in bed on her back and watched as I undressed. By the time, I removed my shorts my dick was already hard and stuck out from my body. I was in an unmistakable state of desire as my huge dick stood out at attention.

She was still in admiration of my dick as she stared at it. My dick was not threatening to her but impressive and fine-looking, that is if a dick could be called fine-looking. Although she could still feel how I stretched her ass earlier that day.

Victoria allowed herself to be lowered to the bed and I followed her kissing her face and lips. I then began my journey down her body and my first stop was her breasts. I sucked on her breasts and rock hard nipples for a long time. She had never realized just how sensitive her breasts were until I sucked on them for so long.

She was moaning and she could feel the tingling in her pussy.

I continued my journey down her body and spent a lot of time kissing her flat firm stomach before I bypassed her pussy and kissed and licked her thighs. Her pussy was on fire and she dying for me to tongue it again. I lifted her legs up and placed them on my shoulders then I kissed her inner thighs and blew lightly on her pussy.

She flinched at the sensation and then she tried to push her pussy toward my mouth. I prolonged the teasing until she pleaded with me.

"Please Lenny please."

"Oh would you like me to eat your pussy? Do you want me to stick my tongue in there and lick your clit?"

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