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8 Ancient Fashion Trends Still In Use Today

Fashion is always been reinvented.

Nothing in fashion is ever lost or forgotten. It is always making it way back to being popular after a while. There are many trends we enjoy today that was started in ancient times. Here are some ancient fashion trends you probably still adopt today:

1. The cat eyes

Everyone is familiar with the sexy cat eyes which most women try to imitate in their makeup these days. We have the ancient Egyptians to thank for the cat eyes. They used Kohl eyeliners to line their eyes, eyebrows and lashes. You can’t get creases this amazing if not for the ancient Egyptians.
Cat eyes
Image: YouTube

2. Wearing wig

Wigs are making a comeback. And we have to thank the ancient Egyptians once again for the earliest use of the wig. They used the wig to protect the shaved heads from the sun. The 17th century France and England also continued the trend.
Image: Pinterest

3. Bombasting (aka Padding)

Nigerians are all too familiar with women padding their behinds. What many may not be familiar with is where this trend comes from. The trend comes from Elizabethan England and was known as bombasting, although only the doublet was padded in their case.
Image- DHgate

4. High heels

Before men got in on the wearing heels action in the 16th century, Catherine de Medici and Mary of England are credited with wearing them first. Anytime you wear heels, thank these ladies.
Image: Pinterest

5. Jean Trousers

Every time you wear a pair of jeans trousers, remember Jacob Davis who invented it back in 1870. While jeans may not be as ancient as cat eyes, they are definitely here to stay.
Beyonce on white tee and blue jeans
Image: JadeAfrican

6. Corsets

2014 saw the rise of corsets and waist training. Again, we have Catherine de Medici to thank for this torturous invention. In 1550, Catherine who was the wife of the King of France outlawed thick waists in court thus leading the way for the creation of corsets.
Image: OrchardCorset

7. Rosewater 

We owe the invention of Rose water to Avicenna, a 10th-century Persian scientist. Rosewater is known for its role in the hydration and toning of the skin.
Image: IndianMakeUpAndBeautyBlog

8. Saffron oil

Saffron oil is reputed to be the part of Cleopatra’s beauty routine. Saffron oil is known for treating acne and fairer smoother skin.
Saffron oil
Image: FashionLady

Just wow!

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