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STORY: Single To Stupor [Birthday S*x]

'Hello babe, let’s do WhatsApp I'm being charged for receiving this call'

'Okay' I replied

But wait, did he just say that they were charging him for receiving my calls? Could it be that Obinna left the country without telling me? Nah, it can't be possible, it's just not possible, we spoke yesterday and he mentioned traveling but it sounded so light like he was just leaving Lagos for Abuja. Anyway let me see what he has to say on WhatsApp, I thought to myself.

With that I turned on my data and buzzed him enquiring about his whereabouts all day as his numbers were switched off. He said he has been 'airborne' and then proceeded to ask if my day wasn't hectic, I told him I was alright and proceeded to ask
'Where did you even go to?'

'Yankee' he replied 'You are joking?' I said
'Nah I'm not, went for an impromptu training, will be back in three weeks'
'Wow' was all I could say, I wished him well, we said our goodbyes and I collapsed on my bed.
'Not again, not again' I muttered with a teary eye, tomorrow is my birthday and the only date I had has bailed on me again. This birthday had a lot of promises and I was looking forward to it, I prayed every day for it come and now I don't even want it to come again, just then I got a buzz from my phone, I picked it up and threw it away almost immediately.
What could he be calling me for? After bailing in on me? My emotions were so heightened I ran into my bathroom locked myself in and cried in the shower. I stayed in there for long and was shivering by the time I stepped out, I dried my body and hit the bed without a nightie.
I woke up on my birthday with a swollen face and crazy eye bag, mum asked if I was ok and I told her yes. I went about my daily chores midway into the afternoon ​before I remembered my phone, I searched for it for a while in my room before I found it.
Wow! 50 missed calls and about 24 messages. It appears a lot of people were calling to celebrate with me more than I even expected, I replied my best friend only and ignored the rest. Mum called me to come join them in the dining, I arrived and met a cake, wow it wasn't that bad after all at least my family remembered to celebrate with me.
I cut the cake and got all emotional again. I'm almost 30 and still all the men I meet fluctuate like Nigerian network, how long will I continue to be single? Growing up I didn't get attention like my peers, not that I wasn't beautiful enough and when the attention eventually came they all wanted to get in my pants and then zoom off again. With all my beauty and intelligence I only pass for a booty call for them.
Mum hasn't been ringing it in my ear about marriage but dad is definitely tired of having me at home as he jumps at every little mistake I make to remind me that my mates are married with children and believe me deep down I'm dying with depression. This wasn't just the life I planned for myself, I penned done how I wanted to turn out when I was 10 but even as I strive to achieve my goals every effort by me seems futile.
I neither have my dream job, house nor man at just 2 years to 30 and these were dreams I had in mind to fulfill by 25. It is what it is and I'm done worrying this life is too short for me to kill myself.
Just then Dad walks in
'Happy old age Ona, your mates are celebrating their wedding anniversary and you are shamelessly and joblessly in my house celebrating another stupid birthday. Just keep fooling yourself and keep it in mind that you won't clock 30 under my roof, Anuofia' he cursed and walked away.
'Mum, what does your husband exactly want from me? My blood? He wouldn't let me go out and socialize now he's nagging me for a husband maybe I should download the husband app from Google Play store and order for a husband at least he will let me be' I said with sarcasm.
'Nne gbachi ya nkiti, pay no mind to him ooo. Your own will come at the right time. What works for A mustn't and might not work for B, but that doesn't mean that B won't survive, so please relax and trust God that what is yours will come in due time.' Mum said, I saw pure care and sincerity in her mind as she spoke, I hugged her and assured her that I will be alright and headed for my room.
I took a nap and woke by 7pm, dressed up in my best dress, wore great make-up picked up my purse and headed out.
Like every other Friday, Victoria Line was super busy, I alighted from the cab and headed into Silver bird galleria. I found me a cozy lounge and sat down after ordering wine that's the least I could do for myself. Before midnight I was super tipsy, the music was helping me put my head together as I was just reeling in the moment. I got up towards 1:30pm and bumped into someone by the door, I muttered sorry to the person and headed out almost tripping again and he caught me
'Easy there, lest you hurt yourself.'
'Thanks, could you be so kind to help me get a cab?'
'Yea, sure' he walked me outside, called a cab and asked me for my address
'McPherson street Osborne Estate Ikoyi' The cab driver drove me home with the young offering to help take me home but Alas no one answered the gate leaving me stuck. The cab man was getting impatient and Mr. Nice guy didn't want to leave me all by myself, so offered getting a room for me or we go to his place, I chose the latter and we headed back to Silver bird so he could pick his car and then we drove to his house, I was already dozing off by the time we got to his place.
I undressed once inside his room and staggered to the bathroom, turned on the shower and started bathing, whilst lathering my legs I tripped and fell with a loud thud, he rushed in and helped me up, I was wincing in pain, so he offered to help me massage once I finish bathing but I told him I couldn't even lift anything at that moment. I told him to help me with it, he declined at first but my persistence softened his mind and he scrubbed me clean.
I noticed his hard-on and went for it, he looked at me and then looked away. I took that as a go ahead order and went on my knees guiding his Cock into my mouth. I started sucking slowly at first extending my fondling to his balls and back to his cap. I sucked on and eventually increased my tempo sucking and stroking vigorously, he groaned over and over again and continued to give it to him hotter per second.
He held my head and started thrusting and the moment I bit his dick cap he shot his hot cum right into my mouth.
After climaxing he carried me up and inserted his cock into me gently and once in started thrusting, he was thrusting like my pussy was going to run away, he will thrust and pause to bit tits or to suck my succulent boobs.
I don't know where I was but it was definitely good. I didn't want him to stop but then he paused and with him still inside of me carried me to the bed pulled out and ate me, the feeling is too good that I don't even know how to describe it, he would trust with his tongue whilst finger fucking me.
Just when I was about to cum he slammed in again and fucked me hard till I came all over his cock. He crashed on me breathless and we both slept off, the next morning a slap woke me up
'Bitch what are you doing in my man's bed' Mr. Nice Guy had to hold her dog for me to escape before it tears me into shreds, can this my life get any better?

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