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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 9]

Adeolu looked up directly into those burning blue eyes and with a smile Jennifer dropped her hands. They were perfect, fully erect, begging for his warm mouth to take them one at a time and suck them gently, causing fingers of fire to shoot downwards into her pussy, caressing her clitoris. Adeolu did not move, he only stared as her heavy breathing brought the beautiful sight closer with each breath, so close that Adeolu could feel the warmth radiating from her tender skin.

Again Adeolu looked up into her eyes, she pleaded with him to touch her, take her firmness in each hand and caress her to orgasm, but he did nothing. Torn between what he longed to do and what he knew he should not do. The look in Jennifer's eyes changed slightly and Adeolu saw a slight movement of her one hand, then he felt it. Jennifer had reached out and placed her open palm over the thick outline of Adeolu's huge erection. He gasped at her touch, her warm hand closed around the bulge of his shaft and she gently squeezed. Adeolu put his head back against the wall of the elevator and the air hissed through his teeth as she rubed along the full length of his cock to where the head lay captive, swollen and throbbing. With practiced fingers Jennifer gently pinched his shaft at the point where the thick flange of the head begins. Adeolu felt the first release of sticky liquid from his tip, a warning that an explosion was pending. Now it was Jennifer's turn to hiss as she felt his engorged cock twitch beneath her teasing fingers. She leant forward, pressing her naked chest against Adeolu's broad, hard one, her head tilting forward onto his shoulder. Adeolu could feel her shudder as she firmly stroked his rod through his pants. The heats of her hard nipples burn through Adeolu's shirt as the rubbery firmness of her breasts presses them against him.

Then, suddenly the lights in the elevator come on, motors hum and the floor begins to move. Spurred into quick movement Jennifer buttoned her blouse and donned her jacket again but nothing can hide the arousal in her face. Her pupils were dilated, her lips, quivering and her breathing, erratic. Adeolu had never in his life been more attracted to a woman than he was at that moment to Jennifer, she was wild with sexual arousal, like a horse in a burning stable she's highly agitated, eyes wide, nostrils flared. Adeolu was sure he could literally smell her arousal. The doors whispered open and Jennifer exited quickly with one sideways glance at him and a flick of that jet-black hair, she is gone. In that moment Adeolu had made the decision that Jennifer was going to be his, he was going to make love to her in every conceivable way, no matter what the risks. Only, it was going to be on his terms.......TO BE CONTINUED...

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