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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 8]

Jennifer said nothing, she watched him intently. Adeolu knew that she could see the outline of his ever-growing erection in the front of his pants. How he wished he could release his length for her to satisfy herself on, to have her way and leave him in a collapsed heap on the floor of the elevator, the tell tales signs of their passion a messy puddle between his legs. Adeolu knew better than to lust after the boss but what do you do when the boss is lusting after you? Jennifer was beginning to look uneasy; as he watched her she began to squirm slightly, as if she had ants in her clothes. Her breathing was becoming fast and shallow, her eyes became hooded and as he watched Jennifer lifted her one hand under her jacket and cupped on of her full breasts, she sighed.

Adeolu thought it maybe the time to voice what they both knew to be true;

"Jennifer, we can't. You know what will happen if someone realizes what is happening, they will fire the both of us"

"Shut up and watch, see how long you can resist this. I am willing to take the risk if you are" She purred.

With that, Jennifer removed her jacket. Adeolu could see the colour and shape of her beautiful nipples clearly through the thin blouse. Jennifer stepped towards Adeolu, moving her hands up to once again cup her breasts, accentuating the probing tips of her nipples as they pressed against the white fabric. She stepped to within a foot of where Adeolu stood, he could smell her, almost taste her, hear her every breath. Jennifer began to unbutton her blouse, slowly, seductively, allowing Adeolu to see the deep cleft between her protruding mounds. More buttons, until her blouse is completely open in front. Crossing her hands, Jennifer placed her palms under her blouse where it still teasingly hiding her from Adeolu's hungry view and taking a breast in each hand, gently squeezed, she gasped.

"Open me" she instructed Adeolu.

With trembling hands Adeolu reached out and took hold of the two folds of Jennifer's blouse, slowly he moving them aside to reveal Jennifer's hands as they gently massaged her swollen tits.


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