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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 7]

Jennie watched as Adeolu fled her office, and shook her head, laughing. She was enjoying this game she was playing with Adeolu, but she was getting bored. Jennifer was horny and Adeolu was not taking the bait. She looked at her watch and saw there was about half an hour before lunch. She went into the adjoining bathroom and made sure that Adeolu would not resist her.

At precisely one o'clock Jennifer walked into Adeolu's office. She could see the look in his eyes and knew, just like herself, he also wanted this. Jennifer walked over to him, swaying her hips as she walked. Her, now braless, breasts moving up and down against her blouse as she moved. Stopping at his desk she leaned forward, making sure that he could see into her blouse, deliberately exposing her breasts to him.

"Well Mr Cleary, ready for lunch?" she asked as she stood up, turned around and looked over her shoulder. 

She noticed that Adeolu was looking at her, running his eyes over her figure, he looked up at her and in his husky voice

"I'm ready Ms Adeleke". They walked together out of the office towards the lifts, close proximity allowing them to smell the presence of the other. They got into the elevator and no one followed. They were alone. 

Jennifer looked at Adeolu and he looked at her, neither saying a word, the sexual tension so thick it could be cut with a knife. Suddenly it went dark and the elevator stopped between floors. They were stuck. Adeolu managed to contact one of the maintenance guys on his cell phone and was told that the blackout had affected the whole city and that because the building was so old there was no way of getting them out until the electricity supply had been restored. He was also told that because one of the substations was faulty, they would be stuck there for a minimum of an hour. Adeolu explained the situation to Jennifer and she just smiled.

Both Adeolu and Jennifer were well aware of the consequences should they be caught having any sort of office relationship. These possible repercussions seemed to make the attraction that they felt for each other more alluring, the "forbidden fruit syndrome". Adeolu stood with his back against he wall of the elevator; he was determined to keep the situation under control. 

Jennifer stood with her back against the opposite wall, her jacket covered all but the very front of her blouse and from where he stood Adeolu could not see more than the buttons of her white garment. He knew, however, that beneath the thin white material was a pair of firm, pale, matching globes. Pert and round with matching pointed nipples, stiff and erect from the friction of her blouse. Adeolu knew that the fine little bumps that encircled each tip would be standing out proudly, framing the swollen pink buds. He tried to keep his mind off of the fact that he knew that she was standing there in front of him with nothing her skirt covering the smooth split mound of her womanhood. The hood of her erect clitoris visible between the narrow gap in her outer lips where they nestled between her closed thighs. Adeolu tried to keep his mind from imagining that a little deeper between those fleshy outer lips lay the soft wings of her inner pussy, folded protectively to close her secret opening where the heat of her passion was brewing, slowly bubbling to the surface in a slippery trickle of warm lust.


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