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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 6]

Jennifer turned around and sauntered back to her desk, watching the look in Adeolu's eyes. She sat in her leather chair and kicked back from the desk. Suddenly she heard footsteps that had stopped in front of her door. Adeolu quickly sat down and pretended to talk figures. Clever man she thought. It was one of the sales managers and he was looking for Adeolu. As Adeolu got up Jennifer winked at him and placed her hand on her breast and squeezed it. She saw him swallow hard and smile, the thick bulge of his erect cock clearly visible. She was enjoying this, teasing the poor man, giving him something worthwhile to think about. 

"See you for lunch then Mr Odulana"

"Most definitely, Ms Adeleke" was his husky reply.

At first it was with utter amazement that Adeolu stared at the screen of his PC. The first attachment opened and he found himself looking at a colour copy of a perfectly round pair of ass cheeks, the thighs closed tightly, fumbling with the mouse Adeolu managed to open the second attachment, this time the thighs were parted and this presented a smooth shaven pussy, the deep cleft between the lips closed, hiding their secret treasure. The next attachment was much more erotic. The ass cheeks had been parted to reveal the soft pink puckered ring of her anus, the pussy lips too had parted to reveal the thin wings of her inner pussy lips and a deep pink opening into forbidden depths. Tell tale traces of shiny wetness covered the length of the open groove, a sure sign that the owner of this perfect pussy was highly aroused. Peeping seductively from beneath the velvet fond of its hood was the swollen tip of her erect clit, teasing. Adeolu's cock was now uncomfortably hard, his pants restraining any further upward movement of the now thick rod it was throbbing uncontrollably. One look at the senders address told Adeolu exactly what he wanted to know, she had made the first move and now the gloves were off.

Time to retaliate, as he opened his door Adeolu saw Jennifer turn to walk away. He reached up to stop her, so soft; her hair brushed the back of his hand. Jennifer turned to him and she could see in his face that he had seen the pictures. She turned again towards her office and he followed. Once inside she turned and her eyes dropped to the front of his pants where his erection was very obvious, she approached him and asked him in a whisper if he had enjoyed what he had seen, all he could do was nod his head. Maybe it was his imagination but he was sure he could smell her aroused pussy. Jennifer turned back to her desk and sat down in her chair, kicking away from the desk she lifted her thigh slowly when suddenly here were footsteps near the door. Adeolu sat down and pretended to be having a conversation with Jennifer until one of his junior sales clerks excused himself for the interruption but would Adeolu mind helping out with a problem. The clerk left and Adeolu stood, preparing to leave, trying to devise a way to hide the outline of his hardon, Jennifer winked at him and again asked him about lunch, then placed one of her hands on a breast, squeezed gently. Adeolu had to get out of there, he turned and fled.


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