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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 5]

Setting the machine to e-mail, Jennifer punched in Adeolu's inter office IP address and, after a moments hesitation, pressed send.

It took a great deal of self control to stop herself from running to Adeolu's office and sitting there watching him while he opened his e-mail. Jennifer literally could not wait to see his reaction. She had made the first move and the anticipation was killing her. Fifteen minutes passed, nothing. Adeolu would not know who's pussy was so nicely framed on his PC but two and two were easily added when he read the senders IP address. Jennifer could wait no longer and she hurriedly walked to Adeolu's office and peeked through the side door to see if he was there. Jennifer heard him in the bathroom adjoining the office. She couldn't help smiling, feeling like a cat who had just stolen some cream. She so wanted to see the expression on his face when he looked at those copies. Jennifer listened at the door and heard him come out of the bathroom; she listened as she heard a ruffling of papers and the sound of his keyboard keys. She could hear the quickening of his breath and she imagined him looking at her most intimate place, the same place that was presently sending shockwaves down her thighs as small contractions caused more slippery juices to be released from between her swollen outer lips.

Jennifer walked away and grinned. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and felt herself being turned around. It was Adeolu, and the knowing look in his eyes told her he knew it was her who had sent the e-mail. 

"Got your E." his deep base voice reverberated in her chest. "Hope you didn't send it to me by mistake." 

Again their closeness allowed her to feel his words. She blushed and he smiled a naughty smile. 

"Fuck he is sexy! I'd do him now if he'd only ask." She smiled back at him, trying very hard not to reveal to him the turmoil that he was causing in her head and between her legs. 

Jennifer turned and walked in the direction of her office without answering Adeolu. She could feel the heavy fall of his feet as he followed her. She was embarrassed; she didn't want him to find out this quickly. No, that wasn't true, she knew exactly what she was doing and she could not help herself. 

As she entered her office she turned around to face him, in doing so she immediately noticed the bulge in his pants. She couldn't help staring, it was huge, and it wasn't there five minutes ago. Was he really interested? She looked up into his face and saw him staring at her breasts again. She looked at him puzzled, what should she do next? Should she make the first move or wait for him? She walked over to him and coyingly asked if he liked what he saw, he only nodded his head but she could see that his breathing was fast and shallow. She breathed in his musky scent.


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