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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 4]

As she left she spun around, her long black hair forming a long arc around her shoulders, 

" Possibly see you for lunch then Mr. Odulana?" she asked with a glint in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Possibly, Ms Adeleke" Bryan smiled back, not wanting to let on how much the flash of her boob had affected his normally stable composure, and she was gone, closing the door and leaving only her scent to bring back the memory of that soft pale breast with the dark tan lines and the just as dark nipple.

The rest of Adeolu's morning went by without event. He was kept busy with calls and e-mails of congratulations. He packed all of his personal belongings, which had been sent from downstairs, into his desk and laid out his collection of model cars. He found his mind constantly wondering back to the meeting with his new boss. Everything about her intrigued him, her long black hair and deep blue eyes were fascinating but what amazed him the most was her lack of embarrassment at him getting an eyeful of her boob. Adeolu knew that it was against company policy to pursue any office relationship, he knew that should he even attempt to establish any sort of personal contact with Jennifer that she would be obliged to take it further in accordance with company rules. 

"There must be something there," pondered Adeolu. Jennifer had acted as if it were an every day occurrence for her to flash her breasts to her subordinates; maybe she had also felt the electrifying magnetism, which he had felt. Adeolu shook it off, he had known the woman for ten minutes and he was fantasizing about her, not only that, she was the boss. Jennie leant against the door as she closed it behind her.

"What the hell was that?" 

She had never in her life been this forward with a man and what she did was against the company regulations. She flashed a smile at Ireti and went on her way. During the course of the day she kept thinking of Adeolu and wondered if there was anything there. Should she pursue this or let it be? She had a feeling she wanted Adeolu. She could feel it all over her body. She locked her office door and sat down on her chair. She placed her hand on her breast and began playing with the little culprit that had tried to make an escape. It felt good. Her nipple became hard as she caressed it, round and round the tip until swollen. 

A devilish smile crept over Jennifer's lips and she walked over to the copier standing in her office. Reaching up under her short skirt she removed her g-string, she lifted the top cover of the machine. A quick look behind her found what she was looking for; the chair was exactly the right height to use as a step. Stepping up onto the chair Jennifer sat on the copier and made a copy of her ass. The light was warm on her naked skin as it passed beneath her, the heat like a secret hand caressing her exposed ass as she sat on the cold glass. Spreading her thighs slightly Jennifer made copies of her clean shaven pussy and she was sure that her puckered little anus would come out quite clearly when she reached back and deliberately spread her cheeks, she felt her lips part slightly as the light once again passed beneath her exposed rear. Jennifer smiled as she pressed the copy button one last time, she could feel her aroused slit release a small amount of slippery warm fluid and she was quite positive that it would be visible in the copy.


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