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STORY: S3x in the Workplace [Part 2]

He entered his office from the side door, not wanting to face his secretary just yet. It was just as Old Man Jenkins had left it, minus a few personal items. The huge oak desk and deep, black leather chair facing the window with its view out over the city and in the distance the sea. Adeolu was about to step over to the window when the inter-leading door between his and his secretary's office burst open and before him stood a stunning woman. Adeolu was so taken by surprise that before he could say a word she reached out her hand and said:

"Jennifer Adeleke, you must be Adeolu Odulana, pleased to meet you"

Her hand was soft and warm in his, he stammered through the introduction trying to get over the surprise. So Adeleke was a woman, unbelievable. Adeolu was not the chauvinistic type, he had no problem with a female superior, it had just taken him by surprise and he found himself staring.

Jennifer had always been a head turner, long, straight, black hair down to the cleft of her firm ass, legs that seem to go on for ever and breasts that have made more than one man turn for a second look. Jennifer's eyes were as blue as the bluest oceans, eyes you could get lost in. Yet to Jennifer these things were irrelevant, although they had come in handy in the past. She knew that she looked good in a short skirt and preferred to wear them, especially when wearing a suit. It made her irresistible to any man. Everywhere she went she radiated sexuality. On more than one occasion a strange man had whispered his desire for her. Jennifer had not always granted their wishes but the men lucky enough to get her between the covers had had the best time of their lives with this vixen.

Jennifer felt that today wouldn't be any different and looking at Adeolu she knew that she would like to get him between the covers. He was Adonis personified. Strong, athletic, gorgeous and in a powerful position. These are huge turn ons for her and today was no different.

"I wonder if he'll let me seduce him," she pondered. 

To be Continued

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