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STORY: S3x Escapade of a Lesson Teachers- Part 6

   The last series of SEX ESCAPADE OF THE LESSON TEACHER will be dropping tomorrow and a new series will be kicking off . Please drop your comments for me to know if you are really enjoying this ...THANKS 

********ME: I'm coming please****within the speed of light, sikirat was wearing her cloths, I put on my 3-quarter and singlet after removing the condom and threw under the matress*****JANET: open this door or are you hiding someone?ME: I'm coming,JANET: hurry up and let me see who owns these slippers at your door mouth ." Chaiii, kasala don burst, I intended hiding sikirat in the bathroom before but its too late,janet is an impatient girl who will search the whole house most especially as she found a slippers at the entrance. Sikirat was trembling and shivering seriously as I was going to the door, I held the handle of the door while still locked from inside.

"Push it from outside" I said.JANET: its not opening, or are you hiding someone?I signalled to sikirat to spray the air freshener,spread books on the floor and sit down on the rug as if she was solving exercise. That's the only thing I can do as at that moment, I rubbed my chest as a sign that she should calm down and act along. My heart was beating heavily as I opened the lock behind the door for janet to enter.JANET: whaaaaaat!!!!!, our maid in my boyfriend's room?, what is going on here?Sikirat: ***trembling and shaking**, no ma.Its not what you think ma.ME: **** I stood in-between janet and sikirat to prevent combat**, I can explain to u janet,its not what you think.JANET: ****loosing patience and restless***.Ok, go ahead and explain to me how you have been sleeping around with this dirty girl, our maid for that matter. onihaxy, so your are this useless and classless?.ME: **i faced janet as sikirat was standing at the edge of the wall***.janet, please listen to me, its not what you think, sikirat here only begged me to help her in arithmetic lessons and infact, today was her first session, you can see books spread on the floor. Plsss JANET: arithmetic abi ?, and you can't do it openly with her in our compound abi , and you locked yourself inside with her that I have been knocking for the past 5 minutes ,arithmetic abi? And you sprayed air freshener and even increased your sound system?. You think I'm a fool? "Gbooooosa", she slapped sikirat.ME: ***frightened as sikirat was crying****.Janet plss, you know I loved playing music, and also, I should have informed you about the lesson idea but you might not welcome it. I just wanted to impact on her life positively and that was why I agreed to tutor her please.JANET: ehn ehnn, you think I'm a fool?, no wonder she comes back late from market all the time, so this is where you always come to for a Bleep abi? "Gbooosa" another slap on sikirat's face.

ME: ****i held janet and moved her far away from sikirat*** sikirat was crying helplessly."Janet, you are just dragging this issue too far,I'm only helping her and that's all.

JANET: ****still wailing and shouting restlessly***. No problem, mummy will hear about this I swear. As for you sikirat, consider yourself in serious trouble. And for you onihaxy, your job is over I swear.Janet walked out of the room, banged the door and left, I turned to sikirat trying to console her.ME: I'm sorry dear for everything.

SIkIRAT: ***yelled at me*** leave me alone you this useless boy, sorry for what?, I never knew you are this useless and heartless*******crying***

ME: baby, why saying all this now?, please for God's sake.

SIKIRAT: each time I ask you about your closeness with aunty janet, you would keep telling me that "nothing nothing nothing".Then why was she saying "what am I doing in her boyfriend's room?". Just leave me alone please and forget about me. Sikirat walked out of my room in a sad mood.I sat down on my bed feeling depressed and don't know what to do next. I picked my phone to call janet.ME: hello janet, pls I'm sorry, its not what you think pls

JANET: if you don't want thunder to strike your entire generation, don't ever call this number again ***hanged up***Chaii, e don happen!!!!

***********Throughout the week, I couldn't step into white house, janet wasn't replying my whatsapp messages and picking my calls,sikirat's number was unavailable. I was also expecting madam to call me but I got no call from her, I even called madam to greet her,hoping she will raise up the issue but she didn't. I was confused and don't know what to do next.Then I thought of it, sunday would be the next market day, sikirat might branch at my place.

On sunday, I didn't go to church, I waited at home hoping sikirat would come but she didn't. At 11am, I decided to go to the market.I went to the shop where she do buy groundnut oil. The seller said she just left about 3minutes ago, then I remembered she must always buy fruits to white house. I knew all this because I have followed her to the market from my house on 6 occasions.

I rushed to the fruit shop and I was told she hadn't been seen. I hanged around for about 8minutes and behold, my sikirat arrived.ME: hi SiKIRAT:*** frowned and ignored**ME: baby, you know you can't do this to me,please talk to me.SIKIRAT: ***striaght face, ***, what do you want from me?ME: your love .SIKIRAT: that one is past tense, you don't deserve it.ME: "chaii, see house maid wey dey form for me ooo". Please. SIKIRAT: ***she walked to the back of the fruit shop, it was an isolated place***just leave me alone, or else, I will scream that you are a kidnapper.

ME: ****stood still****, no problem, I just wanted you to know that I have loved you and I will forever love you, if only you give me space to explain, then you will realize I did everything to keep you and live the rest of my life with you. ***i faked a cry, tears dropped from my eyes**** and I left.As I was going along the street, walking back to my house, someone touched me from the back, I turned around and it was sikirat, she hugged me with her eyes soaked. "I love you onihaxy". I looked at her with pity, I knew I lied and sugar-coated my mouth, I knew all my poems was fake.SIKIrAT: let's hangout some where and talk Me: ok, let's go to my house SIkIRAT: no I can't, aunty janet may trace us there again,I looked at the other side of the street, a barber's shop was inside a corner and a bench was in-front of it.ME: let's go that shop. **she followed me as we crossed to the other side of the road***We got to the shop, I greeted the shop owner and we sat on the chair outside the shop.SIKIRAT: so tell me, did you miss me?ME: sure I do. That is why I traced you to the market.SIKIRAT: ok, be sincere, are you truly dating aunty janet?ME: eeeeehhhhmmm SIKIRAT: what is ehmm?, it means you are dating her abi?ME: not really, we were just close friends and she thought we were dating because of our closeness. I never asked her out or "toast"her.SIKIRAT: the same way you didn't toast me too abi?, it means you and I aren't dating too niyen.ME: no sikirat, you are special, you see, u area special part of me that I can't live without....................."Fake poems continued"SIKIRAT: ok ooo. I just don't know why, I loved you so much. Infact, I told every of my friends in ilorin about you and how you have impacted on my learning, they envied my english speaking and intonation . They discouraged me that you are a graduate and you won't marryme but I said its a lie and that I will surprise them when we get married.ME: ***yinmu inside of me** don't mind them jaree, they don't know the definition of true love. So what happened between you and janet after leaving my place?SiKIRAT: nothing much, we got home and resumed the fight. We insulted each other, she threatened to tell madam about it.ME: yeee! Did she eventually do it?

SIkIRaT: I told her to go ahead and tell, and I will also tell madam how you have been entering her room and bleeping her when mummy goes to work. I said she should also tell mummy how we met at your place and she should explain what brought her to the place before she met me there.ME: hmmmmmmm. Smart girl. I trust your intelligence.SIKIRAt: na you sabi, but anytime something like that happened again or I caught you keeping another girl, I swear to God, I will go Unclad and curse you.

ME: ****yeeeee, mogbe!!!, I don hang oo"***.Trust me, it won't happen again I promise. So it means she didn't tell her mum about it?.SIKIrAT: No, she didn't. But we have been living like cat and dog since then.ME: ok dear, what happened to your phone?SiKIRAT: she smashed it when we got home that day.ME: I'm so sorry about that.

SIKIRaT: its no problem, just get me another phone. Let me be going before police-janet will trace me here again.ME: ok, let me see you off.SIKIrAT: no, let me go alone,after 5minutes when I'm gone, then you can come out. Please ME: ok, bye, see you in white house tomorrow. Sikirat left and I went home to prepare for monday's encounter at the white house.

*********The next day which was monday, I got to the white house and met janet sitting in the living room, the moment she opened the door and I entered, she hissed on me and inserted an earpiece into her ear. I sat down beside her and tried to talk to her, she looked at me and said "see ogbeni, I have written my jamb and post Ume so I don't need lesson again, you can now go out and come back when my brother arrives" she hissed again and walked into her room.I was confused on whether to follow her into her room, or walk out of the house, or stayed inside the living room and wait till gideon arrived. I picked my phone to call her but she was rejecting the call. One thing about janet was that she was naturally arrogant, rude and bossy.

Whenever she was angry, it has always been to the extreme and she can destroy anything whenever she is angry.. Sikirat opened the door of her room. I turned to the direction of her room and saw her smiling at me at the entrance and she closed the door. I was so angry within myself and I sent a long whatsapp message to janet, telling her how rude and arrogant she is. I told her how disappointed I am.

I told her how she didn't bother to listen to my explanations, how she refused picking my calls and how she left me heartbroken. I told her if it was a sin to help someone in need. I was just typing out of anger and frustration and I made sure I expressed my mind on the text and I left.At 4pm. I came back to tutor gideon and I ignored janet all through. I didn't even great her not to talk of chating with her before I left the house in the evening. On getting home, I called her mother to tell her what janet said about not doing lesson again.

Madam said she will get back to me on saturday when we see..on tuesday again, I ignored janet all through my lesson session with gideon.Thursday was the next market day. Sikirat and I hanged out at our new meeting point. We chat and gist about everything. One thing about sikirat was that she is lively and funny with her ilorin accent, I will always have a reason to laugh. We agreed to limit our. Lessons to friday nights if no one is at home, so visitation at my house till further notice and we agreed to be patient till janet secured admission and leaves the house.

On saturday, after gideon's lesson. Madam,Janet and I sat in the living room to discuss about the matter, janet insisted that she wasn't interested in lesson again because she has no exams to write. Madam agreed with her and we concluded that I will be tutoring only gideon and my salary will reduce to 10k .Janet and I maintained 5 weeks of malice. The more I tried to make peace with her, the more she act proud and arrogant. After many trials,I gave up on janet and stick to sikirat. Around october, something happened, janet couldn't meet up with the cut of mark of "Bio-chemistry" in the University she applied for and she doesn't want to go to polytechnic,madam called me and told me about it, I felt so bad and I advised her to obtain a "Pre-degree form for janet". On saturday of the same week, madam informed me that I should resume lesson with janet so as to prepare her for the pre-degree exams", and again, I should stay in the white house till the day of the exams for adequate tutoring. I was surprised on hearing this, but what amazed me most was that janet was sitting right there beside madam and was staring at me in silence.My resumption into the house led me into another trouble..............TO BE CONTINUED ......

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