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STORY: S3x Escapade of a Lesson Teachers- Part 5



I got to madam's door entrance and knocked."Come in" she replied. I entered the room and stood still while holding the polyethene bag containing the soaps. Madam sat on her bed and tied a white towel around her bosom running to her thigh and another white towel on her head. The upper part of her bosom was revealing on the towel. She told me to sit down on the small upholstered chair opposite her bed and we started a conversation.MADAM: **holding an android phone and scrolling through it** your meal was so delicious. Kudos ME: thanks ma. I'm only trying ma *smiled*MADAM: pls bear with us for now. You know janet isn't around and sikirat will return on tuesday. So u will be assiting in cooking for now.ME: no problem ma Madam: janet is writing jamb tomorrow, how well is she prepared?.ME: very well ma **i kept glancing at her fair complexioned spotless thigh and her protuding bosoms, my dick was gaining velocity gradually***.MADAM: Are you sure?. Because if she scores less than 200, i will terminate ur job here with immediate effect.ME:**scared, and my dick went down instantly**. I'm very sure of my services ma.She took the nylon from me, removed a soap from it. She picked her laptop from her dressing table and gave it to me.MADAM: Onihaxy, pls help me to arrange all the musics and videos on a separate single file ME: ok ma.She opened the door to her bathroom while i was sorting out the system. The sound of thewater splash kept giving me hard-on. I began to imagine myself with her in the shower, how it will feel like entering her from the back while in the bathroom. Alot of nasty thoughts were running through my mind that i couldnt focus on what i was doing on the system. She came out after 5minutes and sat on the bed.Madam looked sexier after bath. The water drops on her skin was adding to my Attention.She was applying something on her face while i was on the system. The more i glance at her,the more my hard-on was getting intense, the heat coming out beneath the system wasn't helping matters.I began to wonder how i will make the move,should i touch her?, or peck her?, or change my sitting position to the bed?, then I thought of her church attendance, i thought of her vigils, i thought of her moral strictness, then i was loosing hope. Each time i raised my eyes to look at her, i would noticed her staring at me also. I became confused and hopeless but still erected on my boxers. She asked if i was through and i said "YES". The problem now was, how do i drop the system and stand up with an Attention?. I felt so clueless, i became uncomfortable on the seat to the extent that she noticed it and was questioning my mood.

I pressed my dick in-between my thighs as i returned her laptop. "chai, to stand up andwalk out now na wahala". I managed to standup and cover my dick with my two palms."what is there that you are covering" madam asked. I was amazed that she had noticed me all this while. "notin ma" i replied. "Don't tell me i was the one who caused it. Was I?", no Ma "i replied". All this young boys of this generation sef!, Anyways, you can go.Goodnite.I walked out of the room feeling ashamed of my self. I went to my room and was wondering the kind of eyes wey madam go dey take look me, i'm not sure if she will trust me with her girls anymore. She might even sack me, i kept picturing her next strike action against me. I couldnt sleep till around past 11pm. My phone rang, i checked the screen, it was madam calling.I was scared of picking it not until the 4th time it rang, then i took the courage to pick.ME: hello ma.MADAM: why are you not picking my calls?.ME: My phone was on silence. I just noticed it ma.MADAM: OK, how are u?, thanks for the system arrangement.ME: you are welcome ma.MADAM: Pls i need another help right now. My back is acheing seriously. Come and help me with a massage!.




I went back to my room. Feeling bad about thewhole issue. I wondered where I was wrong,was it my fault?, how would she expect me toonly finger-bleeped her and sucked herbosoms only without sex?, why didn't sheresist me when I entered?. Why was her angerand rage coming after she enjoyed the sex andcummed?. Why didn't she regard fingerfuccking as a sin?. Why would she be Uncladand expected me to give a massage without mehaving an Attention?, so what would happennext. The time was few minutes to 1am and Icouldn't sleep. I began to ask myselfquestions, I began to reason the whole white-house drama, I imagined how I sampled all the3 females in the house, I imagined what wouldhappen if they all find out that they all chewedsame stick. Will madam ever trust me with hergirls anymore?, how would I face her in thedaybreak?. At a point, I stopped asking myselfquestions. I decided that I would leave as theday breaks and return to my house to sort outmyself. I even made up my mind on loosingthe job and be free.I managed to sleep and woke up around 7am. Itook my bath, brushed my teeth and arrangedmy luggage. At 9am, I went out of my roomwith my bag on my back and went to thesitting room. I met gideon and I sent him tocall madam for me. Madam arrived with astraight face. I greeted her and she sent gideonto go outside and play.ME: I'm leaving ma.MADAM: have you been planning to leave before? Or because I said it yesternight?ME: the latter ma.MADAM:: onihaxy sit down ME: ****dropped my bag on the chair and sat with it**** ok ma.MADAM: and don't you think I deserved an apology for disobeying me?.ME: I did that last night and you shunned me and shouted on me ma.MADAM: you see onihaxy, after chasing you out yesterday, I sat down and had a re-think that it wasn't really your fault.ME: how ma?MADAM: first, I was the one who called you to bring soap for me when you hard erections,2ndly, I called you again to rubb my back while I was Unclad. 3rdly, I didn't stop you while you were using your fingers. But whycan't you listen to simple instruction of "DON'TDIG THE HOLE".ME: I'm sorry ma, I was carried away.MADAM: and that's bad of you. I'm a goodchristian for heaven's sake and a faithful married woman until yesterday when you mademe an adulterer and a sinner by having sex with me against my wish.ME: I'm sorry ma.MADAM: no problem. Return to your room.The only thing there is that you shouldn't step into my room any more and try to resist me asbest as you can. And what happened betweenus last night should remain a secret betweenus.ME: thank you ma, but I'm leaving.MADAM: but why?, is there any other thing Idon't know?ME: yes maMADAM: what is it?ME: 1. Janet is writing her jamb so I should go home. When she is back, I will be comingaround for post ume preparations and be returning to my house everyday. 2ndly, youmight not trust me with janet and sikirat if I'm still living here, you might think I am doing/will do same thing with them. 3rdly. The moreyou see me, the more you might rememberedthe ugly incident and hate me the more.MADAM: you are just taking this thing too far.Anyway, If you insisted on leaving. Just do me a favour of waiting till janet is back. I don't want the house to be empty.ME: ok ma.I picked my bag and returned upstairs to my room..........................

*******************Few weeks after janet's post ume. It was a market day and I was at home as usual waiting for my lovely sikirat to come.. I had spread a new bed sheet and sprayed air freshener as usual. At about 9 am, sikirat arrived. She helped me in preparing soup with the ingredients I had purchased earlier in the day.The cooking lasted till few minutes to 10am that we started a lesson session.After the english and math tutorial, we sat down together on my bed and started gisting.One thing led to another and our lips found each other, cloths was ripped off and we were Unclad. The passionate kiss led to a romantic handling of her bosom, I grabbed it and was performing my tongue magic on it while finger fuccking her Kitty-Cat. After 5 minutes of the pre-intimacy, she turned upside down,sleeping on her sideways forming a 69 position with me. I lifted up her left leg a bit for better mouth experience as she was doing mouth-job on my dick down there. I knew where to touch on sikirat's body, she enjoyed it better when her clit is teased than when her pussy hole is"tongued". I was teasing and sucking her clit as she was nodding on her dick vigorously. She was jerking and moaning louder at sweet tempos. At a point, she pushed me over making me face the ceiling and she knelt down on my mouth, positioning her pusssy on my lips as she bent forward to speak to my erected dick. I was doing the mouth-job as she was doing deep penetration dick sucking down there. As the noise was getting louder, I increased the volume of the music playing on my sound system with the remote on my mattress. Sikirat was jerking on top of my mouth and pressing her pussy over me making it difficult for me to breath. I was enjoying her mouth action down there to the extent that I cummed into her mouth."Hmmmyaaamaaa" why didn't you tell me you want to release? Said sikirat. She stood up,went to the toilet to spit it out. before she returned, the Attention was reducing.Sikirat said "Why is it going down?, did I tell you I'm satisfied?". "Chaiii, this girl no go kill me". She knelt down on the floor by the edge of the bed and started hand-job on the lazy sleeping dick. Before I knew it, dickson was rising again. It was then I knew the power of seduction. As dickson was erecting, she was complementing it with her mouth by sucking and licking it until it gained full Attention. She picked my condom at the usual place, tore the nylon and inserted it on the dick. She climbed up the bed and sat on it riding it up and down.I was carried away with the fuccking that I didn't sense any trouble ahead.After few minutes into the "girl on top riding",I began to hear a strange sound. I ignored at first thinking it was from the stereo. But the sound keep coming, it was then I realized it was a knock on my door.****who could that be?, I wasn't expecting anyone. "I thought"****. I pushed sikirat away ontop of me. I could see a look of dissatisfaction on her face as she was lieing Unclad beside me while my condom was still on my dick. I lowered the sound system and asked "who is there?.". A voice answered from outside, Its me JANET!!!!.....TO BE CONTINUED ......



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