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“See how tradition is keeping me away from marrying my boyfriend”

From a female blog reader:

Good day family…..please I need your honest advice please….i am 26 years old and been dating this guy for 2 months….we have known each other for over a year now but officially became lovers 2 months ago….between us the feeling is so mutual…I love him and he loves me too..he dint waste any time to introduce me to his family. And they were welcoming and loved me too…we started talking about marriage….and his family started asking questions about my culture..
The mother said their tradition states that once a woman’s bride price is paid….the husband fully owns her and takes responsibility of her alive n in death…but my culture states that after a woman dies the husband family would have to return her to b buried in her father’s compound…and that dint go that well with his family….thats the only problem they have…and I spoke with my dad in a random discussion that I was studying our culture and found out once a woman dies she is returned to family, if there is a way that can be changed….he said yes…that money could b use to change the culture but both family have to agree…I den told my boyfriend and he relayed it to his family….they said my father have to assure dem befrore they can come…and my father on the other hand says he can’t talk about the death of his child…that it is an abomination to talk about the death of his child….my boyfriend has been down…the whole thing is getting to him.and has even affected his job…. his parents won’t compromise and my dad won’t either….we both want to b by each other, we want to move to the next step. But we are caught in the middle of our parents and culture..i really love my man…and I’m willing to compromise….please help us with possible solutions….. admin please i’d like to remain anonymous

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