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Lady laments: I don’t love the man my mother wants me to marry

From a female blog reader:

Pls I need you to help me post this in Jesus name. I have been following this family for a while now and it is very educative and informative. Please don’t disclose my id. I need some advice bcos I need to make a decision soonest. Briefly, my dad died when I was in medical school year 3,so the guy I’m dating took over over my finances since then till I graduated this year. Our initial plan was to get married immediately I’m done before I proceed for my service but I noticed something about him, he doesn’t believe in my vision or even encourage me, I feel he just want to marry me n hook me down to start selling Clothes bcos that is his plan for me,he don’t want me to practice n my mom is in support o. Anyways, while in school I have this close friend that is very caring n he do advice education-wise. Always pushing me in love to be the best, he even helped me to apply for some exams to see if I can go study more outside the country to have an edge. Seriously i love this guy better than the guy my mom is insisting I should marry.
Pls wat should I do my mom is already telling my father’s people and her friends that my wedding us this year and if her talk she will start crying for me n threatening me that she will not bless any other man I bring to her except this dream crusher. I love her I don’t want disrespect her and I don’t want to give up my dream.

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