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Help! My Married Boss is Making Me Go Crazy After Great 'Stuff' in Bed

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I am having amazing secret s*x with my married boss. I want him to leave his wife to be with me but I’m too scared to ask him. I am 31 and he is 42. We first met eight years ago when I started working as a personal assistant.

He was a sales manager in the team I worked with and as soon as our eyes met I knew he was special. We got on so well and our friendship soon turned to flirting.
I knew he was married with one child and another on the way so I kept my distance out of respect for his wife and family. Time passed and he was promoted and moved on to another office in the same firm.
Contact between us stopped and I tried hard to put him out of my mind. I had a few relationships but I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
He has climbed the company ladder and was promoted back into our office four months ago and now he’s my boss.
All my feelings from years ago came flooding back but I avoided him at first then decided I was being silly.
I saw him as I left the office late one evening and plucked up the courage to talk to him about how I felt when I first met him eight years ago. He said that he had always liked me too. We swapped phone numbers and started sending one another sexy texts throughout the day.
None of our colleagues suspect a thing. We went for drinks one night after work and he ended up coming back to my flat. We had the most passionate s*x and have been meeting up every week since that night.
We really enjoy one another’s company as well as the passionate s*x. I really want him in my life. I desperately want him to leave his wife to be with me but I am so afraid to approach the conversation. I feel very guilty about his children too.
Should I cut all ties and move on or wait for him? There is no conversation worth having. What you currently share with him is a dead-end affair.

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