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7 Benefits of LinkedIn Profile for Professionals That Will Amaze You

Linkedin is an international professional social network that brings business-minded people together to foster cordial relationships.
If you are looking for a place to connect professionally, LinkedIn is the best place. There are people from various professional backgrounds just waiting to connect or mentor.
Most people on LinkedIn are there to connect professionally and it will be out of place to open a LinkedIn account just because it is one of the social media networks. There are many advantages of having a LinkedIn profile either for professionals or business owners which are worth considering.
1. Users can get their first connection to introduce them to a second degree or third degree connection when it comes to employment or business opportunities.
2. There are job listing opportunities on LinkedIn and users can apply with their LinkedIn profile and the profile of the employer or recruitment manager can be verified through Linkedin.
3. Online recruiters can reach out to users with the purpose of offering them employment.
4. Users skills can be endorsed by ex-colleagues or coworkers which makes the users profile more authentic and shows experience also.
5. Influencers program will give users the opportunity to gain access to professional insights of global thought leaders like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, etc.
6. With the introduced analytics tool that LinkedIn added to its publishing platform, authors can now track traffic of their post.
7. There is the opportunity of forming or joining a group based on interest or professional circle. The group can either be private or open to users in general.
If the above listed is to be enjoyed, some steps must be taken and they are as follows:
Create a LinkedIn profile
Update your profile because your LinkedIn profile is an online CV which must contain all achievements
Use an official photograph if you are there to connect professionally.
Join groups, connect and participate in discussions in any forum you belong to.
Take time to properly prepare a LinkedIn profile and utilise everything it has to offer. Let your work experience be what you can defend, don’t copy and paste job experience from search engines because if and when you get a job through LinkedIn, you can be interviewed based on them. LinkedIn has the best to offer professionally. Don’t forget that Google+ has a lot to offer professionals too.
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