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51 Year Old Britain’s Biggest Boobs Woman Wants it Increased, Despite Surgeons Refusal

A divorced Britain model with the biggest boobs is planning to further increase the size of her boobs after many surgeons refuse to operate her.
Sharon Perkins, 51, reportedly used here divorce proceeds of 32MM on breast implants and she hasn’t had enough of it, demanding to increase their size.
The mum-of-three decided to put her settlement money to good use after splitting from her husband in 2011 – but now says she is addicted to cosmetic surgery.
Sharon said:
“I was bored, and in a bit of a rut [after splitting from my spouse] so I bought myself a Porsche Boxster and a boob job in December 2014.
“I loved them. They looked huge, and were so heavy. When I first got them done they were really big and swollen.
“But I was a little bit disappointed when they healed and the swelling went down, so I had another operation six months later.”
Speaking to the Daily Star, Sharon added that breast enlargements were “quite addictive” and that she likes how high up her big breasts look on her chest.
Sharon is currently shopping around for her next boob job.
However, she claims surgeons in Britain are not willing to increase her chest size to what she wants.
But the former office administrator says she will persevere until she finds a surgeon to do it as “bigger is definitely better”.

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