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3 Weird Ways To Flirt With A Guy -#3 works like a magic

Have you been planning to flirt with a man and you dont knwo how to go about it? we are here to help you. Try these odd flirting method on the next guy you’re interested in –it works like magic.
Most ladies makes mistakes flirting with guys, the reason is that there are a lot of things that you probably don’t know, the first rule is that you need to know how his mind works.
A man’s mind cannot be compared to woman due to the fact that they work so differently, for this it is sometimes difficult to anticipate what he’s going to react positively to and what he’s going to react negatively to.
It is an established fact that every guy likes hearing compliments and getting little touches, but there are several weird ways that you flirt with a guy and have him wrapped around your finger in no time.
Men tend to respond different to different women. Not all women can pull off these techniques at first, but with a little practice you might be able to master them all. Throwing out clichés and overly done techniques is a must.
Most men know the tricks of the trade so you will need to spice up your repertoire to land somebody that you really care about. Here are 3 weird ways to flirt with a guy.


While this isn’t going to be direct flirting, a lot of women believe that they have to be dressed up in order to flirt with a guy. Men don’t like high maintenance women. Most of the time, a decent top and a ratty pair of jeans is enough to get him interested in you.
Women think that they always have to be wearing the latest fashions to have a guy interested in them. The fact of the matter is that men love a girl that can look great even when she’s just come from the gym. Don’t think that just because you have your hair in a ponytail and your forehead is riddled with sweat that you can’t be flirty.
Men are drawn to women that aren’t obsessed with how they look in public. This doesn’t give you a pass to meet his parents in your gardening clothes, but have confidence in yourself even when you’re not dressed to hit the town. Guys find this endearing.


Don’t be afraid to make the first move if you like a man. Even it’s just a quick touch on the arm, touching him first is a sure sign that you’re interested in him. Most guys will try to break the touch barrier first. However, if you touch him first you will easily show that you’re interested.
You don’t want to seem over eager so follow the touch up with a snide remark. Make fun of him a little bit. Don’t call him out on something that is going to hurt his feelings.
Touching him and then making fun of him is called the “Push/Pull” method. This is typically used in the pick-up artist community for flirting with girls, but it also works well with guys.
Guys love a girl that gives them a little sass. You want the guy to wonder if you’re just toying with him or if you’re actually interested. This is builds mystery and tension.


One thing that women try to do is put mystery into their persona. While this can work for a while, the last thing that you want is to have a guy wondering whom he’s dating after three weeks of knowing you. An easy way remedy this is to be open about who you are from the start. While you might not want to tell him things about yourself that could potentially ruin the future of the relationship, you should be as open and honest as possible. Don’t be afraid to be an open book, but do be careful about the type of things you discuss when you haven’t really gotten to know each other.
Telling him about credit card debt or a one night stand three years before is not the kind of open that we’re talking about. Let him know that you’re not a “game player” and that you’re interested in him. Being forward about what you want is sexy and guys love this. You can play coy for a little while, but you should let him know that it’s going somewhere.
Teasing him and then telling him that you would like to get HIS phone number is a great way to keep him interested right off the bat. Men like mystery, but not at the expense of knowing where or not they can trust you. Keep this in mind the next time that you are flirting with a guy and they will be enamored with you.

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