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10 Compliments To Give Your Man Everyday

  1. “I love how excited you get me . . . how you get me “sparked” up . . .”
  2. “There’s no man that makes me feel more confident in facing the world than you.”
  3. “I love how each day feels like the beginning when I’m with you.”
  4. “I love how good you are with your hands . . . in more ways than one.”
  5. “You’re not afraid to toot your own horn when you do the right thing — your confidence is $exy.”
  6. “How thoughtful you are when I don’t expect it . . . I love it.”
  7. “I can always trust you to be there for me . . . I love your dependability.”
  8. “You are so trustworthy . . . and I can be me around you . . . that’s why you are so great.”
  9. “I love how $exy you make me feel . . .”
  10. “In all of my life storms, you try to protect me . . . and grieve with me. You are a strong man.”

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