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STORY: 'Servicing' the landlady [Part 6]

She pulled my ball further and further into her mouth, stretching the sack and making me moan with the intense pleasure I was feeling. Just when I felt my sack was stretched to its limit she stopped increasing the pressure, holding my ball in her mouth and rolling it around on her tongue. Then she released it from her mouth and repeated it with the other one, sucking that one into her mouth in the same way.

"Oh my God, Bisi, you are good at that!" I said, my breathing quickening slightly as she worked on my balls. "I've never had anyone suck on me like this before!" She was slowly pumping my dick in her hand as she sucked on my balls, running her hand over the head and spreading the pre-cum that was flowing out over my shaft until it was wet and slippery, it slid through her hand easily.
She slowly released m ball from her mouth, then licked her way back up my slippery shaft before replying.
"Thank you, Lenny," she said, licking the sensitive underside of my dick and making me jump a bit. "You have such a wonderful dick and such nice, big balls, and I love to suck on them and make you happy!" She was looking at me with those deep eyes which were now filled with lust as she continued.

"But now I am ready to make you cum in my mouth, to feel your dick pumping in my mouth and taste your cum on my tongue and down my throat. Are you ready to give me your cum, Lenny?"
"Oh, yes, Bisi, I most certainly am!" I replied.
"Correct!" she said, smiling at me.
"Good, very good! And now..." she said but didn't finish, sliding her lips around the head of my dick instead. She immediately picked up where she had left off; sucking so hard on my dick that I thought my head would burst from the pressure she was applying as she swallowed my entire dick right down to the base again. She massaged and squeezed my balls with both hands as she deep-throated me again and again, swallowing around the head of my dick each time she had it all in her mouth.
She was intent on making me cum, and incredibly she sucked on me even harder and took me even deeper. I could feel the head of my dick slip down into her throat, and looking down I could see her nose flattening against my abdomen as she pushed her mouth further down on my dick.
All the while she kept up the sucking of hard shaft, massaging and pulling on my balls as she sucked on me, and it wasn't long before I felt an orgasm building - and quickly. This one was gonna be a big one, a real volcano, but I knew Bisi would be able to handle it.
"Get ready, Bisi," I gasped as she sucked on me, "here it comes!"
She increased the tempo slightly and pulled on my balls, and that sent me over the edge. I moaned out loud as my dick erupted in Bisi's mouth, shooting a long, thick stream of cum into her sucking mouth and right down her throat. Bisi moaned with pleasure as she felt my dick pumping and throbbing on her tongue as it pumped stream after stream of hot, thick cum into her mouth, and she slid her mouth all the way down on it and held it there.
She swallowed once, twice, three times around the head of my dick at the back of her throat as it spit cum down her throat again and again. I grabbed her head and held on for balance as the intense spasms of erotic pleasure rocketed through my dick and balls. She reached around me and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me to her and driving my dick deeper into her mouth as I pumped my cum down her throat.
Five, six seven, eight times my dick spasmed on her tongue until the pumping finally slowed, the last bit of my cum spitting out onto her tongue to be immediately swallowed down. I was gasping for breath, my knees shaking as Bisi slowly slid her mouth up the length of my dick, gently sucking on it and running her tongue along the underside as she went.
She wrapped one hand around it with only the head in her mouth, pumping the last few drops of cum from my dick and onto her waiting tongue.
She slipped my dick from her mouth and then held her mouth open for me to see the last droplet of my cum on her tongue, then closed her mouth and swallowed it, smiling up at me.
"Mmmm, that was wonderful!" she said, licking her lips and then licking the head of my dick. "You came very good, very hard, and very much! I loved the feeling of your dick pumping in my mouth, and your cum tastes very good!"
"And you took it all, wow," I said, catching my breath. She smiled up at me, still grasping my dick in her hand.
"You didn't miss a drop!"
"I never do," she said, a wicked smile crossing her lips. "Did you like it when I swallowed your cum, Lenny?" she asked, licking her lips again.
"Yes, I did, very much!" I replied.
"Good, good...and I love the way you taste," she said, licking my dick again. Then she looked up at me and said, "And now I think it is time for you to taste me. Would you like to taste me, Lenny? Would you like to taste Bisi's pussy?"
"Oh, I would like that very much!" I replied, I had a wicked grin on my face. I had always loved eating pussy and had been told more than once that I was very good at it, and I couldn't wait to get my lips wrapped around Bisi's clit. I wanted to make her cum as hard as she had just made me cum, and I wanted to do it more than once.
"Very good!" she said, releasing my dick and standing up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me long and deep, her tongue slipping into my mouth and her massive breasts pressing against my naked skin, and I could feel both her heat and her excitement. I reached down and grabbed her full, bubble ass with both hands and squeezed, hard, pulling her into me. I heard her moan into my mouth as I did this, and she drove her tongue deeper into my mouth. We were both nearly breathless when she finally broke off the kiss.
"You excite me so much, Lenny, so very much!" she said in a soft, breathless voice.
"As you excite me, Bisi," I replied.
She stepped back from me then and began removing the gown, slipping the strap off her shoulder. She never took her eyes from mine as she sliding it from her shoulder to let it fall from her body onto the floor. She was just as gorgeous, just as elegant, and just as exciting as she was the night before.
She stood before me for a moment or two, letting me take in the sight of her nude body, her huge breasts with their hard nipples rising and falling with her breathing, her flat stomach and wide hips, her full thighs with her pussy nestled between them. Then she took me by the hand and led me over to my bed, then turned me and pushed me onto the bed on my back.
I slid up onto the bed, lying full length on the mattress, and then Bisi climbed up onto the bed with me. Her mammoth breasts swayed with her movements as she straddled me facing my feet, throwing her leg over me and giving me a glimpse of her smooth shave pussy lips as she did so. I could see that they were already glimmering with her wetness, and the sight made my dick twitch and begin to get hard again.
She backed up on her hands and knees until her pussy was right over my face, a knee on either side of my head, her bubble ass casting a shadow over his face. I felt her grab my dick with one hand and my balls with another, and I could feel the massive globes of her firm, full breasts pressing into my stomach. I reached up and slid my hands under and around her thighs to grip her ass with both hands as she lowered her hips down and brought her pussy to my lips. Her scent was intoxicating and full, and I breathed it in deeply.
I slowly licked her smooth outer lips, tasting her for the first time, parting her lips with the tip of my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, avoiding her clit on purpose, feeling the silky smoothness of her pussy on my tongue. She slipped her lips around my hardening dick as I continued to slide my tongue up and down her slit, and I heard her moan around my dick as I dug into her with my tongue.
She wasn't sucking hard on me like she had before; I thought that she was sucking on me to get me hard for what was coming next and was really concentrating on what I was doing to her. She sucked me easily and gently, cupping my balls with one hand, as I fucked her pussy with the tip of my tongue. She slipped her mouth from around my dick long enough to speak.

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