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STORY: 'Servicing' the landlady [Part 5]

After the first encounter with my landlady, Bisi, I wasn't sure how either of us would act we were around other people, coming and going through the compound. Any concerns I may have had about that were put to rest the next day when, on my way out of the house to lectures, I ran into Bisi as she was sitting on the verandah. She looked gorgeous as usual, wearing her tight jeans and a tight long-sleeved red blouse that looked like a sweater, but I wasn’t sure.

She was wearing heels again; a stylish addition to her jeans and blouse, and her hair was neatly plaited.

"Good morning, Lenny," she said, taking me by surprise. "You are going to class, abi?"

"Morning, Bisi," I replied, lifting my schoolbag to my shoulder.

"Yeah, I've got an early class today, but the good news is that I don't have any class this afternoon, so once I'm finished at ten, I'm free until four when I have to go to work." I had just given her a very wide opening, and she stunned me by totally ignoring it.
"Good for you, Lenny, good for you! You work hard at your studies and at work, so you deserve the time to rest and relax," she said, smiling at me. I was still struck by how beautiful this woman was, and how a simple look from her made my dick harden.
"You relax and rest this afternoon, and maybe I will see you tomorrow, ehn?" she said, and my heart sank. Both my confusion and disappointment were evident in my voice when I replied.
"Okay, sure." I said, hurrying down the steps and then down the road. I turned and looked behind me at once and saw Bisi talking to another one of "her boys" who had just come out of the house, also on his way to class. Baffled at her reaction, I turned and continued walking to school.
Once I got to class it took me a while to get her out of my mind, but it still bothered me all day long and all afternoon, especially when I was in my room laying on my bed, alone, and all I could think about was how we could be in that bed together, fucking our brains out all afternoon long.
By the time I had to go to work, I was not in the best of moods, and the idiot who was still in charge of my work didn't make my evening any better. I almost punch the man’s face but I didn't, I needed that job, so I held my tongue and tolerated me. By the time I got back to the house and to my room, I was so angry and I knew that sleep would be a long time coming even though it was late at night.
As soon as I closed the door behind me, I stripped out of my clothes and went into the bathroom, taking a long shower to ease my mind and relax my tired muscles. After drying off and running a comb through my semi-dry hair, I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked into my room, crossing over to my small refrigerator next to the desk and opening it.
I took out a bottle of beer opened the counter as I pushed the door closed with my foot, then put the bottle to my lips and took a long sip. I was just about to go back into the bathroom and finish when there was a soft knock at my door. Considering that it was almost eleven at night, it could only be one person knocking on my door.
I opened the door to see Bisi standing there. She was stunning as usual, wearing a green gown that was cut very low, showing big amounts of her massive breasts, the end of the gown stopping just above her knees. And like everything else she wore, the dress was skin-tight. And of course she was wearing her high heels to go with it. She smiled at me as I opened the door.
"Good evening, Lenny," she said, her hands clasped behind her back, giving me a clear view of her mammoth chest.
"I hope I am not disturbing you. It is not too late in the evening, abi?" she asked.
"Hello, Bisi, and no, it's not too late," I replied, standing in the doorway. I was glad she was there but wasn't sure of why, so I stood my ground until she made her intentions clear to me - which she did with her next statement.
"Good, very good," she said, looking up at me with those dark, deep eyes,
"Because I wish to discuss your next rent payment with you." She smiled a little broader at this, and I broke out into a grin.
"Sure thing, Bisi, come on in!" I said, holding the door open and stepping out of her way. She walked into the room, glancing at me sideways and smiling, and I closed the door behind her. I followed her into the room, enjoying the view of her bubble ass as she walked.
She stopped and turned to face me, stopping so abruptly that I almost bumped into her. As soon as she turned she slipped one hand around my waist while she reached up with the other one and placed it behind my head, then pulled me down and kissed me. The kiss was deep and intense, her lips warm and soft, her tongue sliding into my mouth to find my own. I put my arms around her and pulled her close, feeling her press her body against mine.
My dick reacted immediately by beginning to grow, and I heard her moan softly as she felt it begin to grow between us. It was almost painful when she broke off the kiss and I straightened up, looking down at her as she spoke.
"I am so sorry about this morning and this afternoon, Lenny," she said, looking into my eyes,
"But you must understand that I cannot do or say anything that would let other boys know about us. That is why I said nothing to you this morning and did not come to see you this afternoon.
My other boys may have noticed it or seen me come to your room, so as difficult as it was for me - and it was very difficult - I did not come. I stayed away, because I had to. But now that it is night and I know where all my boys are, I am here. I must be very, very discreet, although it will be very hard, but I will do it and I must ask that you do the same. You will do this for me, ehn?" She asked.
I felt like a complete idiot. Of course she had been detached from me, acting as if nothing had happened - she had to! I should have figured that one out for myself, and I told her so.
"Of course, Bisi," he replied. "I should have figured it out for myself, and I'm sorry I didn't. Yes, I'll be discreet and won't do or say anything that will give us away."
"Thank you, Lenny," she said, running a hand up my bare chest, "I knew you would do this for me! I could tell that it bothered you, my not acting any different with you this morning, which is why I am here now. I wish to make it up to you, to show you that I do not want last night to be the only time, but that I want it to be the first time with many more to come!" She circled my nipple with her finger as she spoke.
"You have no idea how happy that makes me!" I replied, smiling down at her. She stepped back from me, looked down at the tent in the front of his towel, and replied.
"But I think I do, Lenny," she said, looking back up at me. "I think I have a very good idea of just how happy you are, but I also know that I want to make you happier!" She took the beer from my hand and turned, walking over to the chair next to my bed where she sat down. She crossed her legs and the gown slipped up, revealing her thick, firm, shapely thighs to me.
The front of her gown relaxed just enough to show even more cleavage, and she put the beer to her lips and took a long, slow sip as I admired her. Then she looked up at me and crooked her finger at me, motioning me over to her. I walked over to her and stopped directly in front of her, the knee of her crossed leg less from an inch away from my legs. She leaned forward and grabbed the bulge of my dick through the towel, squeezing my hardening shaft in her hand.
"You have a wonderful cock, Lenny," she said, looking up at me with her dark, sexy eyes. "So big and firm, and so full of your wonderful cum...I cannot wait to feel your cum shooting inside me again!" She rubbed and jerked on my dick through the towel covering it as she spoke.
"Would you like that, Lenny?" she asked, looking up at me as she continued to stroke and jerk on my dick through the towel. "Would you like to shoot your cum inside my pussy again?"
"I would like that very much, Bisi," I replied.
"Or would you like to shoot it down my throat as I swallow your dick?" She surprised me with this, and it was a very amusing surprise. I instantly knew what I was going to say.
"Why can't I do both?" I asked, turning the tables on her. She sat back in the chair and threw her head back and laughed, releasing her grip on me.
"Very good, Lenny, very good!" she replied, "Why not, indeed?" she asked, and then sat up and put the beer that was still in her hand on the table next to the chair. Then she uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, reaching for the towel around my waist. She tugged on it and it fell from my hips, landing on the floor at my feet. My dick sprang up in front of her face, and she smiled up at me as she wrapped her hands around its length.
She licked her lips slowly and seductively, never taking her eyes from mine, gently jerking my shaft with both hands. Then she lowered her eyes to my dick, admiring it for a few moments, before opening her mouth and sliding her lips over the head. She swirled her warm, silky tongue over and around the head of my dick, pumping the shaft in her hands, and I felt the first bit of precum slip out of the tip of my dick.
She immediately licked it off and swallowed it, never removing the head of my dick from her mouth. She pumped on my dick more and got more precum from me, swallowing it all down as soon as she got it out of me.
Then she slipped a hand down to my balls and began massaging them, rolling them around in her hand as she began to suck my dick into her mouth. She sucked on me with the same intensity as she did the night before, her cheeks hollowing in as she slid more and more of my now-fully erect dick into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed my dick in one slow, fluid movement, taking it all into her mouth until her nose was resting against my pubic hair.
She held me there for several moments, and I could feel her swallowing around the head of my dick and it nearly drove me crazy! She massaged and squeezed my balls with both hands as she held my dick in her mouth, and then she slid her mouth back up my dick with the same slow, intense motions and suction as she did when she swallowed me. When she had released all but the head of my dick from her mouth she held it there, swirled her tongue around it as she glanced up at me, and then started back down my dick again. I moaned in response, pushing my hips forward slightly.
After several long, pleasurable minutes of her sucking mouth sliding up and down my dick Bisi released my dick from her mouth and then gripped the head with a backhand grip as she ran her tongue down the underside of my shaft. She licked me slow and steady, running her wet, silky tongue around and around the sensitive underside of my dick until she reached his smoothly shaven balls.
She ran her tongue over and around my balls, then opened her mouth and placed her full, soft, wet lips on one of them. She sucked it into her mouth, slowly and teasingly, and once it was in her mouth she kept sucking.

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