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STORY: Grace, The House Girl Asanwa Baby! [Part 3]


Grace woke up at midnight and reached for her flashlight, tip toed over the sleeping children and opened the door slowly, she walked carefully to Oga Danny’s room and knocked his window, she waited and after a while knocked again, she was about to give up when she had the door open, he looked really sleepy, she walked into the room and he turned to look at her.

‘Asanwa! I tire o, I no fit do this night’ he said
She frowned and looked at him, she needed some sugar and she wasn’t taking no for an answer, she walked toward him and hugged him
‘I fit make you feel well na’ She said rubbing his crotch. She smiled as she felt him getting hard, she covered his mouth with her kissing him as deeply as Oga Corper used to kiss her, she went down on her knees and pulled down his boxers taking his hard dick in her mouth.
She pushed down till he was all in her mouth, he grunted a little loudly making her feel good about herself, and she started moving. Bopping her head up and down swirling her tongue on his dick hole, how he gyrated his waist and grunted fuel her as she increased her pace alternating between taking him deep and sucking the head of his dick, he reached down and her held her head pushing in deeper.
‘Chimooo’ he grunted and shot warm cum down her throat, she swallowed it all, licking him clean. He led her to the room and took off her clothes; he shook his head looking her over
‘Dis your body eh’ he started but she had no patience for all that, she pulled him to her and led his hand to her boobs, he squeezed and covered her nipples with his mouth sucking hard, she let her hand slid down to her pussy and rubbed her clit fast moaning out as she slid in a finger.
He kept sucking and kneaded the other boob while she gyrated her waist to meet her fast thrusts.
She took out her hands and pulled out her nipple from his mouth and made him lie on the bed, she immediately straddled him, positioning his dick to her wet pussy, she sat down slowly with her eyes closed enjoying every bit of it, when he was all in she started to move up and down slowly, she grabbed one boobs and squeezed as she moved up and down his dick.
She moved up to the top of his dick and sat down back, she did that three more times moaning softly each time, she put her hands on his chest and started to move fast, she bounced on his dick moving really fast, she pinched her nipples with one hand and cried out as she came trashing all over him.
When her orgasm finally slowed down she stood up and looked at him, he was obviously wanting more but she’s had enough, she started to dress up and moved away slightly when he tried to hold her, she finished wearing her clothes and hurriedly went back to their room, she opened the door slowly and almost jumped when she saw her Oga standing close to where she usually sleeps
‘Na where you go’ he asked
‘I go piss’ she replied almost stuttering
‘Na why you kom dey sweat like that?’ he questioned her
‘After I piss I go toilet’ she said and made to lie down, she pulled her wrapper over her and pretend to sleep, she could feel him standing there before he finally left.
It took her a long time before sleep took over, she was worried her Oga had found her out and would tell her madam, she woke up early and got to her chores, her morning routines went smoothly making her relax a bit knowing her secret was still safe.
She walked the kids to school as her madam had to go to work early, on her way back she passed a corper and her mind went to Oga corper and she felt her pussy tingle, she got home and was glad everyone was out. She closed the door and went to lie down on her madam’s bed smiling at her mischief, she took out her boob put one hand in her mouth and rubbed her nipples with her wet fingers till they were hard, she pinched them and moan out softly, she pulled down her pant and pushed a finger in her pussy.
She took it out and rubbed her clit, she flipped laying on her hand and started to grind on her fingers, she pushed two fingers in and fucked her fingers faster, she moved faster and faster feeling herself building, she gyrated her waist erratically and just as she was about to explode someone knocked on the door, she jumped up frantically and went to open the door to see her Oga standing there.
He asked her to leave the door closed, hissed and walked past her as she struggled for an explanation. He went into the room and after a short while came out holding her pant, he stared at her and she just knew what would come next, she felt it.

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