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Fiction: Shagging the new neighbor

My phone buzzed and I jumped from my bed heading for my window, it's time for him to return and I can't wait to see him, it's my favorite time of the afternoon and I could could give up everything just to be at my window at that very time.

'Who knows what he looks like today? Who knows how he smells?' I shut my eyes trying to picture him in my head and wrap him in my own little world, my pant started to dampen with my pussy pulsating just as I pictured him

That moment was short lived as the honk of his car jolted me back to reality, he has arrived and I watched keenly anticipating his glorious step out from his car. First came his shoes, then his full legs, his shoulder followed suit and his handsome face attached to his head came right out.

I froze at the spot immediately I saw his face, it glowed with the evening sun and his height and great physique complemented it. Oh those shapely firm ass that stood behind him as he locked his car got me tripping every other day. He turned and waved at the gateman with the cutest smile I've seen on his face and majestically walked towards his flat and that drew the curtain on today’s show.

By the time he left for his flat, I was pant soaking wet and horny as ever. I was so horny that moving tickled my pussy, I needed something to tickle me more so I picked up my phone and opened the Snapchat application, I went to stories and thankfully Good Sex has posted, so I tapped it and the explicit content came up, the sight of those giant cocks ramming those beautiful vaginas turned me on but the sight of the pretty Ebony ladies gyrating their hips together with their pussy together turned me on even more and that was it for me.

I rushed to my wardrobe drawer and reached for my vibrator but alas my battery was flat and didn't remember to charge it, thankfully my dildo was there to save the day, so with an earpiece plugged in and the moans of the explicit content I was watching feeling my ears. I shut my eyes and inserted the 9 inch dildo into me gasping as I took it in deeper, then I placed my middle finger on my clitoris and started rubbing it stimulating myself in the process while I fucked with the other hand.

I created a picture of him again in my head sucking on my boobs and biting my tits softly, my body gyrating under him as he traced my pussy with his tongue and when he found it, he sucked on my clitoris like a lollipop with a finger inside of me and just when I thought I was in cloud 9, he upped his game and rammed into me with a bang taking me to cloud 12, it felt beautiful and I climaxed all over my sex toy.

I was so exhausted that I slept off on my bed like that. I woke up and picked my diary ' Dear diary, I saw him again today, my sex muse next door and as always he looked dapper and handsome. He was glowing in the evening sun and when he smiled I was pant soaking wet, I was so horny that I fantasized about him and masturbated again.

In my fantasy world he fucked me today and it felt so beautiful, I wonder what it will be like in the real world. Anyway I got to go charge my vibrator, don't miss me too much, xoxo.' I finished writing in my diary, closed it and headed for the socket.

Everywhere I went to the thought of him filled my mind, I see him everywhere, in my work place, at the supermarket, in the salon, in my kitchen, in my bed room. He was driving me insane without the slightest idea, I even migrated from watching from my window to sitting on my porch, just so I can see his face clearly and annoyingly he barely notices me. I was at the verge of giving up when luck shined on me one beautiful Saturday morning.

I was in my flat as usual fantasizing when I heard a knock on my door.

'Who could possibly be knocking on my door by this time enh? It's too early nah, haba' I grudgingly stood up from my bed and headed for the main door.

'Who is it?' I asked and opened the door without getting a response and the world stopped. He was there before me, in front of my door wow.

'Hi, urrm my name is Edwin and I live next door, I was working on a presentation when the power was interrupted, I was just lucky that I was saving whilst working and I really need to finish this up, so I was wondering if I can finish it up here, that's if you don't mind' Truthfully the only thing I heard was if he can step into my house and I willingly accepted

'Sure I don't' I said.

He entered and I took him to my system, he slotted in his flash drive and commenced work, I entered the kitchen and brought wine without asking though, silently wishing that he accepts

'Excuse me, you care for wine?' I asked

'Sure' he replied. I poured us wine and drank amid talks, we introduced ourselves properly and talked about random things, the atmosphere was getting intense as the wine which we were on the third bottle by the way settled in.

I stood up and made for the kitchen to get another bottle but my legs failed me and I fell, he caught me right in time to prevent me from hitting my head, the atmosphere got more intense as I was in his arms, this is my chance and I'm taking it. I intentionally brushed his lips with mine whilst trying to get up feigning ignorance in the process.

I was almost at my feet when he drew me back and in flash our lips were locked together as we hurriedly stripped our clothes, he took me in his arms still kissing me, I took my arms down to his butt and grabbed it, oh 'the ass' the same one that gave me sleepless nights. 

I guess he liked it, he groaned and placed me on the couch, went on his knees and buried his tongue in my pussy, he flickered his tongue through my clit down into my pussy, I was moaning in ecstasy, my pussy has never been eaten like that in a long while.

He laid on the couch and made me sit on his face whilst gyrating my hips and him pumping his tongue into my pussy, my body started quivering and I knew soon I was going to cum but not until I tasted that dick, so I stepped down and made for his dick, I took it all in, in my mouth and deep throated whilst rubbing his balls. He groaned loudly, I sucked a few times more and straddled him.

He closed his eyes and smiled, then I started gyrating my hips gently and he pumped to meet my rhythm. I increased my tempo and he continued to meet me halfway. In a flash he flipped me and rammed into me just like in my fantasy world. He fucked my brains out in that position grabbing my boobs while at it and in no distance time we climaxed together and he fell on top of me.

Dream comes true, I finally fulfilled my wish, who could have thought. This weekend is sure going to be a great one.

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