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FICTION: Servicing the landlady [Part 4]

She cried out again and again as it took her, and just when she felt that it would never end, her orgasm began to decline, until it slowly faded away and left her trembling, clinging onto me for support. 

I had never seen a woman cum that hard before, and I have seen a few. Her whole body trembled, and I thought she would surely fall down. I had also never seen a woman get that wet before, either; by the time she had finished cumming my hand was literally soaked with her pussy fluids.

We clung to each other for several long moments while Bisi caught her breath, and then she looked down at me. She took my face in her hands and bent down, kissing me on the lips. Her lips were soft and full, warm, and her pointed tongue slowly snaked between my teeth and into my mouth to find my own. Our tongues flicked and danced as the kiss deepened, and I was amazed at how soft, sensuous, and unbelievably exciting this woman's kiss was.

I felt my dick stirring and the longer the kiss lasted the longer and harder my dick got. She reached down with one hand and began stroking my dick, gripping it and pulling on it, encouraging me to full hardness. I didn't need much encouragement, and I was soon fully hard and ready to go. 

"This time, my sweet Lenny," she said, whispering in my ear as she stroked and pulled on my dick, "we cum together!" Then she slipped her tongue in my ear briefly and sent a chill up and down my spine, and she felt my dick jump in her hand. 

She released my now-throbbing cock and straightened up, then put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back onto the bed. Before I could rush back onto the bed and get my feet off the floor she climbed on the bed next to me, then turned to face my feet and swung her leg over my body, straddling me. She moved along my body until her pussy was right above my dick, and the sight of the soft flesh of her big ass jiggling with her movements made my dick jump.
Then she reached down and grabbed my dick, pointing the head at the entrance to her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her pussy a few times, spreading her wetness all over it, and then put the head against the opening. In one slow, deliberate movement she swallowed my dick with her pussy, moaning as I filled her, stretching her pussy; she continued sliding down my shaft until I was completely buried deep inside her, her ass resting on my hips. 

Her pussy was tight, incredibly tight, and very wet. I could feel her inner muscles shift, gripping my dick and releasing it as she adjusted to having me so deep inside her. The sight of her round, bubble ass on me and the sensations of her pussy wrapped around my hard dick like a hot, wet glove excited me more than I had ever been excited before.
Then she put her hands on the tops of my thighs and began to move her hips, sliding slowly up and down the length of my dick, sliding up until the head was still trapped inside her clutching pussy, and then sliding back down until her ass rested on my dick. She settled into a steady, smooth rhythm, and I watched her incredible ass flex and move as she slid up and down on my hard dick. Watching her ass moving up and down as she swallowed my dick with her pussy over and over again was extremely exciting to me, and a big turn-on.
The "Reverse Cowgirl" was one of my favourite positions, and I knew that if she kept this up I would be filling her pussy with my cum in no time. But I was determined to hold off as long as I could – I had no idea if I would ever have a chance to share a bed with this woman again, and I wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible! 

"Aaahhh, Lenny, you feel so good inside my pussy!" she breathed, "so very, very good! Mmm, oooooh, so gooooood!" 

After a minute or so more of moving up and down on my dick, Bisi reached between my legs and grabbed my balls, massaging and squeezing them with one hand while she supported herself with the other. This would set me off and I knew it, so I told her so. 

"Bisi, that...that will make...that will make me cum," I stammered as she rocked on top of me, still squeezing and massaging my balls. 

"Hang on, my sweet Lenny, hang on, it is not time for you to cum inside me yet!" she said over her shoulder. She released my balls and rode me a bit harder, dropping her big ass down on me with every downstroke and making the bed shake. I loved watching the muscles of her ass ripple each time she dropped down on me, and I reached out to squeeze her ass with both hands. 

"Yes, baby, yes! Squeeze my ass, squeeze my ass! Squeeze it hard!" she cried, never pausing in her motions. I did as I was asked, squeezing the round globes of her ass as hard as she could. She picked up speed, her ass moving faster, dropping her wet pussy down on my dick harder, making the bed bounce with her efforts.
This was good, I thought, because fast fucking like this didn't make me cum anywhere near as fast as long, intense, deep strokes did, so I knew I could hold out for a while until Bisi came again – if she was going to, I had thought. 

She was going to, I had found out, and she was going to right at that moment. With a scream Bisi slammed her hips down onto me, swallowing my dick with her clutching, squeezing pussy as her orgasm hit her. She sat up straight, reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard as she cried out, her hips moving in circles as she ground her ass down and around on my hips.
I could feel the muscles of her pussy spasming, contracting and releasing around my dick, as she came hard. I felt her juices running down my balls as she released her breasts and grabbed my thighs, pulling herself down onto me and forcing my dick deeper into me as she squeezed it with her pussy, caught up in the most intense and powerful orgasm of her life.
She dropped her head and moaned loudly as she ground her hips around and around, her ass flexing as she milked my dick, riding her orgasm until at last it was over. I felt her whole body relax and her shoulders slumped, and I could hear her gasping for breath as her pussy flapped around my dick for the last time. She was covered with sweat, her skin glistening in the light of the room.
She slowly, very slowly, began to rotate her hips around in small circles on my still-hard dick, and I knew she was doing that just to keep me hard. 

After all, she said she wanted me to cum inside her pussy, and I hadn't done that yet. And I had a feeling that this woman wasn't going to let me go until I did everything she wanted me to.
Bisi sat up straight, still slowly grinding her hips with my dick still inside her, and ran her hands up through her hair as she stretched. I just sat back and watched her ass bouncing as she worked at my dock inside her, slowly riding me and keeping me hard. She let out a satisfied moan as she stretched. 

"Mmmm, that was wonderful!" she said, moving her hips back and forth, slowly, teasing me and keeping me hard. "I have never had such an orgasm! You are simply wonderful, Lenny, and you have such a wonderful dick! I cannot wait to feel it shooting your cum inside my pussy!" 

"I'm looking forward to that myself, Bisi," I said, reaching down and gently squeezing the cheeks of her ass. "So why don't you turn around so I can do just that?" 

"Yes, my sweet Lenny, I think it is time," she said over her shoulder, then leaned forward to put her hands on the mattress for support as she lifted her hips and let my dick slip out of her. It slapped against my stomach as she set it free, and then she turned around on the bed and straddled me once again, this time facing me.
She had a satisfied smile on her face, but the smile also said that she wasn't quite finished with me yet, that she had a bit more in store for me. She sat on my hips, one knee on either side, her pussy resting on my dick, and I watched her huge breasts swaying heavily with her every movement. She began sliding her pussy up and down the underside of my dick, her outer lips spreading to envelope the sides, as she spread more of her slick love juices on the shaft.
It was an incredible turn-on, and my dick twitched as I watched her move on me. 

"I think it is time for you to fill me up, to shoot your cum deep inside my pussy, to let me have it all," she said, still sliding up and down the underside of my dick. "Do you not think so, too?" 

"Oh yes, I do," I replied, "I most certainly do!" 

"Good! So now..." she said, standing up on her knees and lifting her pussy from my shaft and taking hold of my dick with her hand. She put one foot up on the bed to give her room, and then pointed my dick straight up at her pussy.
She slid the head between her lips and into her hot tunnel, then put her knee back down on the bed and sat straight down, impaling herself on my dick. She looked me in the eyes as she slid down on me, her mouth falling open and a moan escaping her as she settled down on me. My dick was completely buried in her pussy, and I could feel the globes of her firm ass on my balls.
She rotated her hips slowly, grinding her pussy down onto me, and then moved her hips forward and back, sliding along the underside of my dick and putting pressure on her clit. Her eyes never left mine, and when I reached up to take her breasts in my hands she put her hands on top of mine and kept them there as I squeezed the huge globes, squeezing my dick with her pussy in return. 

After a few minutes of this Bisi leaned forward, putting her hands on either side of my head. Then she lowered her face down to mine and kissed me, gently, her tongue slipping into my mouth as I pulled on her big, erect nipples. She moaned into my mouth and began to move, sliding up and down my dick in long, firm, deliberate strokes, squeezing my dick with her talented pussy as she moved.
The kiss became more intense, her tongue dancing with mine, as she continued to slide up and down my shaft. She broke the kiss off at last, lifting her head and closing her eyes, her mouth slightly open, her breathing becoming harsher as she fucked me. I lifted one of her heavy breasts to my lips and sucked the nipple into my mouth, and her hips twitched hard in response.
She continued to ride me in long, firm, deliberate strokes as I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth, sucking on them hard, squeezing and massaging her big breasts as I did so. 

"Yes, yes, Lenny, yes, just like that! I will cum again, soon, and you will come with me, eh?" she asked, looking down at me. "You will cum inside me and fill my pussy up with your cum, ehn?" 

"Yes, I will," I replied, "and soon!" I could feel my balls tightening as the squeezing, clutching motions of her pussy were finally getting to me. She smiled at me and squeezed her pussy around my dick even harder, increasing not the pace but the intensity of her strokes on my dick.
I squeezed her big breasts hard, and she knew I was about to explode. She kept looking at my face as she worked at my dick, now beginning to rotate her hips on the downstroke.

That did it! With a groan I came, my dick pumping and shooting thick, hot streams of cum deep into Bisi's clutching, gripping pussy. She laughed aloud once and then cried out as she came, her third orgasm ripping through her as my dick pumped and throbbed inside her pussy again and again.
She dropped her hips down on my spurting dick and stayed there, grinding down on me as she squeezed the cum from me with her inner muscles as I filled her up. I squeezed her breasts hard as I came, and she loved it! 

After what seemed like an eternity my dick stopped spurting inside her as the spasms subsided, my orgasm over and my balls empty. She sat straight up on me, milking the last few drops of cum from my dick until she was sure I was completely empty. I just lay there, gasping for breath, with Bisi smiling down at me. After a minute or two she leaned over and kissed me again, slowly, gently, lovingly, her big breast resting heavily on my chest.
Then she lay down on me, resting her head on my chest, and stayed there until my dick was soft enough so that it finally slipped out of her. Then she sat up, kissed me again quickly, and then got up from the bed. I sat up and watched her walk to the bathroom after she had picked up her dress, and I could have sworn she trembled a little bit.

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