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STORY: 'Servicing' the landlady [Part 3]

I cried out as my dick exploded, the cum racing up out of my balls and blasting out of my dick. The first blast went right into Bisi's mouth and down her throat, and I was surprised I didn't blow her head off, because I came so hard. She quickly pulled my dick from her mouth and gripped it with her hands and began pumping it as the second stream erupted from my dick, part of it hitting her mouth and the other part splattering along the left side of her cheek.

She closed her eyes and pointed my dick right at her face as it continued to spurt; shooting long ropes of cum onto her upturned face over and over again. She held on and continued pumping it with both hands as my dick emptied it load, one mighty spasm after another shooting stream after stream of hot, thick, and sticky cum out onto her pretty face. By the time I was finished cumming and the pulsing of my dick subsided, Bisi's face was covered with streaks of my cum.
Her forehead, both cheeks, and her nose had cum on them, and one streak had landed right across her closed right eye.
When she opened her eyes and looked up at me, still gripping my dick, she never flinched at having cum on her eyelashes.

She looked down at my dick, my cum dripping from her chin, and squeezed it to force the last little bit out. She licked it off with her tongue, adding it to the cum that was already there, then swallowed it all down. I was weak in the knees and was breathing hard, and the scent of Bisi's arousal was strong in the air.

"Mmm, you cum very good, Lenny!" she said, licking the cum from her lips. "Did you like that? Did you like what I did to you?" she asked, toying with me.

"Lord, are you kidding me?" I replied, nearly laughing. "That's the best blowjob I've ever had in my entire life!"

"I am glad to hear that," she said, releasing my dick and standing up. "I am very glad to hear that! But now you must sit down before your knees make you fall down; sit down right here on the bed," she said as she took me by the elbows and guided me to where she had been sitting, "and do not move until I come back!"
I got a good look at her huge breasts as she bent over to guide me to a sitting position; then she stood up and turned, then walked across the room and into the bathroom, the large globes of her shapely ass jiggling the whole way. She never once made a move to wipe my cum from her face.

"I don't believe this!" I thought to myself as I fell back on the bed, "I just don't believe this is happening!" I smiled to myself as I heard her running water in the bathroom, and a few minutes later she reappeared, carrying a white towel in her hand. Her face was clean, my cum gone; she had obviously cleaned up while she was in there, and now she intended to clean me up as well. I sat up and watched her walk across the room, hips swaying, huge breasts jogging as she walked.
She smiled at me as she approached, and without a word she knelt between my legs, spread my thighs wide so she could reach me, and proceeded to gently wash my dick and balls with the warm toilet. I could feel the spasms of a second erection coming, and I had a sneaking suspicion that this was all part of her plan, that Bisi knew exactly what she was doing. And I was right. 

"That was very good, Lenny, very, very good, but we are not done yet," she said, looking intently at my dick as she finished washing it. When she was done she looked me in the eyes and said, "We have much more to do. You have much to do to me, and I have much more to do to you. I have made you cum, which I enjoyed very much, but now it is you who must make me cum." She got up from her knees and stood over me as I looked up at her.
Locking her eyes on mine, she slipped her dress from first one shoulder and then the other, then lowered her arms and let the dress fall away from her breasts. I sucked in a hard breath when I saw them for the first time.

They were huge, heavy and round, standing out proudly from her ribcage with only a little bit of sag, with large, pebble-sized erect nipples centred on dark areolas. I couldn't wait to get both my hands and lips on those succulent breasts, and then I wondered how they would feel wrapped around my hard dick...

Then Bisi pushed the dress down past her curvy hips and let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it and pushing it to the side. She was totally naked in front of me, and I saw that she had trimmed her pussy hair; I could also see that her outer lips were shaven smooth because they were swollen and visible as she stood in front of me. Her scent was stronger than ever, and I knew that her pussy must be soaked by now.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, putting my face level with those massive mounds of flesh. I looked past them and into her eyes, asking the question with my eyes.
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"Yes, Lenny, I want you to touch me now," she said, her voice low and heavy with desire. "I want to feel your hands on me, on my breasts, on my hips; I want to feel your lips on my nipples and your fingers in my pussy!"
I reached up and took both big, heavy breasts in my hands, holding them up to my face. I kissed first one and then the other large, erect nipple, sucking them into my mouth and making Bisi hiss with pleasure. She reached out and took my head in her hands and pulled me into her breasts, enveloping my entire face. I squeezed her huge breasts hard, pinching and rolling the nipples between my fingers, and I could feel her body shaking in response.
I took one big, firm breast in both hands and squeezed, making the nipple stand out, and then put my lips around it and sucked on it hard. She responded by pulling my face into her breast, her head back and her eyes closed as I suckled her. Then I did the same thing to her other breast, making her moan with pleasure. She pushed her hips forward into my chest, and I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as she pushed it into my chest.

I slid my hand down her side, over her hip, and around to her pussy, and my finger slipped easily between the outer lips. She was already wet, and she jumped as my finger slid over her nub of a clit and into her dripping pussy. She was tight, since she never had children, and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my finger as it slid deeper inside her.
I couldn't wait to get my dick inside her tight pussy, but I was intent on making her cum. I slipped one, then two fingers inside her tunnel, then began to rub her clit with my thumb. She jumped and cried out in surprise, then moaned loudly as I massaged her clit while I fucked her with my fingers.
"Oh yes, yessss, my sweet Lenny, yes! Fuck me with your fingers, rub my clit, make me wet and make me cum!" she cried. She grabbed my head with both hands as I still sucked on her nipples and pulled my head into her massive chest, and I released her breast from my hand and slid it around to her ass, grabbing one of the big, firm cheeks in my hand and squeezing as I pulled her closer to me. I was nearly suffocating in her breasts, but I was determined to hang on until she came. 

"MMMM, yes! Squeeze my ass, my sweetie; squeeze it hard as you fuck my pussy with your fingers! Make me cum, make Bisi cum!"

I thrust my fingers in and out of her soaking wet and tight pussy deeper and faster, rubbing her clit and squeezing the globes of her ass at the same time. I could hear her breathing get heavy, and I knew she was very close.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes! I'm going to cum, oh yes, I'm going to cum! AAAHHHHH, I'M CUMMING! AAAAHHHH!!" she cried as her orgasm hit. Her body shook and her knees trembled as the waves of pleasure washed over her, and she clutched my head closer and deeper into her bosom as she came. She clamped her powerful thighs together, nearly breaking my hand, as her whole body shook with the power of her orgasm.

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