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STORY: Servicing' the landlady [Part 2]

"So what is it?" I asked.

"I want to hire you," she said, plainly and simply.

"Hire me?" I asked. "To do what, Bisi?"

"Anything that I tell you," she said, releasing my hands and stepping in close to me, so close that her huge breasts were touching my chest. She ran her hands up my chest as she continued. "Anything I say, anything I want you to do, you go do," she said, running her fingertips over my nipples and making me tremble.

"Anything I want, you must give to me," she said, sliding one hand down my stomach to my dick, first rubbing the hard tube of my erection through my jeans and then squeezing it as she said, "and right now, I want you to give me this!" She looked up at me, still gripping my dick through my jeans. "Do we have a deal, Lenny?" I could barely get the words out as I replied.

"Yeah, Bisi, we have a deal!"

"Good, very good!" she said, smiling. Rubbing my dick through my jeans, she said, "Now take off your shirt." I did as I was told, pulling my t-shirt over my head and dropping it on the floor.

"Mmmm, very nice!" Bisi said, looking at my chest and flat stomach. "You are handsome, Lenny," she said. She released my dick and ran both hands over my chest, tweaking at my nipples with both hands. The she leaned forward and licked first one, then the other nipple before sucking each of them into her wet, hot mouth one at a time. I flinched and moaned, sensations running through me and straight down to my balls that I had never felt before.

"Most men will not admit that they like having their nipples played with and sucked," Bisi said, running a fingertip over each nipple as she spoke, "but I have yet to know a man who did not like it!" She leaned forward and sucked on my right nipple again, harder this time, and I reached for her upper arms.

"Not yet, Lenny," she said, and I dropped my hands. Then she went back to my nipple, sucking on it even harder and nipping it with her teeth just a bit as her hand went back to my dick. She alternated nipples as she rubbed and squeezed the hardness of my dick through my jeans, and I could feel the precum streaming out of my dick. I was pretty sure that the front of my jeans were soaked by now because I wasn't wearing underwear, and the flow continued as Bisi flicked her tongue over each of my nipples, making me jump as she continued to rub and squeeze my dick.

Finally she released my dick from her hands and my nipples from her lips and stepped back a step or two. Her nipples were rock-hard, poking out through the fabric of her dress, and I could see that the areolas were crumpled with arousal. I could smell the beginnings of her scent in the air in the small room, and her eyes were filled with desire as she looked at me. Her eyes travelled down to my dick, and then she smiled.
"I see you are not wearing any underwear, and that you like what I do," she said, and I looked down to see a wet spot on the front of my jeans just as I expected. Bisi walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge, her feet and knees together. 

"Come over here, Lenny," she said, and I did. Once I was standing in front of her, my dick at her eye level, she reached up for the button on my jeans and unfastened it, then began to slowly slide the zipper down. "I want to see it, Lenny," she said, "I want to see your penis; I want to see your beautiful penis!" She pulled the zipper all the way down and then opened my jeans, and my erect dick sprang out. Her eyes widened as she saw my dick for the first time in all its hard glory.

"Beautiful" she cried softly as she reached out and lightly ran her fingers along the side of my hard shaft, then wrapped her fingers around it and slowly tugged on it. A large drop of precum appeared at the tip, and she pulled my dick down towards her lips. Her tongue snaked out and she licked the precum from my dick, held it on her tongue for a moment so I could see, and then swallowed it. She pumped my dick again and more precum appeared, and again she licked it off and swallowed it. She began slowly stroking my dick as she spoke.

"You have a beautiful and large dick, Lenny!" she said, looking up at me. "Do you know how big?"

"Over seven inches," I replied proudly.

"So big! And so thick...this will feel so good in my mouth and later in my pussy! But right now, my sweet Lenny, I think I go do something else first..." And then she leaned forward and wrapped her soft, full lips around the head of my dick, swirling her tongue around it as she gripped and pumped it with one hand. Her other hand went to my balls that I always kept shaven smooth and began massaging and gently squeezing them.
She ran the flat of her tongue along the underside of the head of my dick, and then poked the end of her tongue into the hole at the tip. I jumped at this, and Bisi laughed a little before placing her mouth on my dickhead again, poking her tongue into the tip once more.

Then she slid her mouth over the head until her lips along the shaft, and sucked. Hard. Her cheeks hollowed in with the effort. She moved her hand from my shaft down to my balls and was massaging them with both hands as she slowly, ever so slowly, sucked my entire dick into her mouth like she was sucking in a strand of spaghetti.
In one long, sucking motion she took my dick completely into her mouth until her nose was being tickled by my pubic hair. 

And then she sucked harder, sliding her mouth back up my dick, slowly, until just the head was in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head once or twice before sucking my dick back into her mouth again, a bit faster this time, but with just as much suction.

"Oh, Bisi!" I said, looking down at the top of her head as she moved it up and down the length of my dick. "If you keep that up I'm going to cum all over you in no time!" She released my dick from her mouth just long enough to look up at me and reply.

"That is what I want, my dear Lenny," she said, "I want you to cum, and I want you to cum all over my face. I want to wear your cum on my face like a badge of honour!" Then she went back to sucking on me in the same slow, deliberate pace as before, with the same intense suction as before.

Knowing that she wanted me to cum, knowing that she wanted me not only to cum but to cum on her face – which most girls hated, I had found out, second only to swallowing my cum – excited me immensely. Bisi redoubled her efforts, sucking my dick in steady, deliberate motions, swirling her tongue around it while she sucked on it and massaged my balls with both hands.
I didn't know whether she had the chance to take a breath, but I honestly didn't care. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, placed my hands on Bisi's head as she sucked on me, and just let myself be swept away – sucked up, so to speak – in what this lady was doing to me.
And it didn't take long before I could feel my balls churning, and I knew that I was getting ready to blow my load – and if Bisi wasn't careful she would end up with my cum in her mouth instead of on her face. 

"Bisi, I..." I started to say, but a quick tug on my scrotum told me that she knew I was getting ready to cum and I didn't have to say anything. "I should have known!" I thought to myself as I felt the cum quickly rising in my balls. I was seconds away from cumming, and Bisi increased the tempo up and down my shaft just enough to send me over the edge.

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