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STORY: S3x Escapade of a Lesson Teachers- Part 3

2 weeks before the robbery day, janet had been skipping class seriously. She had been frustrating my effort and I knew if she continues this way, no doubt that she will fail the next JAMB. So I thought of a plan. Each time I am about to tell her to attend classes, I will place my phone on a recorder. So I have been capturing all her excuses and conversations. Even the periods that she do threatened me, I do record the threats.
On the night of the robbery, I have sneaked in as usual, I ate my dinner in sikirat's room. We have had our lessons. Just when we were bleeping in canine style, we heard a knock on the gate. " Open the gate or else I will blow your head with gun", a voice said from outside. We were scared, my dick went flat instantly. What do we do now?, sikirat asked. I don't know too, I replied.
Immediately I remembered my neighbour friend at home. His name is sunkanmi. Sunkanmi is a police officer, he had joined the police force about 7 years ago, he was feared by people in our neighbourhood.
I placed a call to sunkanmi.
ME: hello sunkanmi, abeg there is trouble. Where you dey?
SUNKANMI: I dey work on night duty
ME: please we need your help at the white house
SUNKANMI: where is white house? And what is happening there?.
ME: armed robber are here pls do something to help us. **i described the location**
Sunkanmi: but wetin u dey do for there?
ME: I will explain later.
I hanged up. I and sikirat locked ourselves inside the bathroom in her room. The thieves had gained entrance into the compound, manipulated the entrance door and now in the living room. They searched every room including sikirat's room. We didn't make any sound, they went to the kitchen, ate the beefs in the pot before returning back to the living room. They were about going away with some money and properties when we heard another voice outside "stop there, if you move then you are dead".
I was happy that sunkanmi had helped. All the robbers were arrested, I and sikirat came out of the room, dressed up and went outside to see what was going on. I couldn't see sunkanmi among the cops. The police officer asked " who are the occupants of this house?", the gateman pointed to sikirat as the person who lives in the main house as at this time. The police officer turned to me. Oga, who are you?. I went dumb and couldn't speak. How do I explain my identity?. Its past 4am, the robbers are now in the police van, the officer told I and sikirat to follow them to station for statement writing. ****chaiiiii, my own don meet me today, wetin I go tell madam?, how do I get there at midnite?, what for?.
On reaching the station, I called sunkanmi and he gave me directions to where I will see him.
ME: sunky baba, you have to help me please.
SUnKANMI: what happened?, I was the one who arranged the boys to rescue you after your call last night.
ME: I know, but I needed help.
SUnKANMI: what do you want me to do for you?,
ME: ********i explained all my movements, my secret lessons to him****
SunKANMI: so what?
ME: madam will be here soon. What will be my explanation?
SUNKANMI: leave that to me, In your statement, just write it that you were coming from a vigil when you noticed the robbery movements, you hide somewhere, minutes later, you called me. You saw the gate opened by the robbers, you summon the courage to enter with the mindset to rescue the occupants of the house, then the police arrived. That's all.
ME: sunky baba. Thanks so much ooooo. ****chaiiii, see police sense.
I went back to meet sikirat, whispered into her ears about what sunkanmi said. She was happy and relieved because she too was scared of what will happen if madam finds out. Sunkanmi also gave a script to sikirat to write. It was that day I believed that "POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND".
We both write our statements as directed by sunkanmi. At about 6:10am, madam and janet arrived.
MADAM: police officer, what happened?, I heard my house was robbed and my maid is here? ***i guess oga peter didn't mention my name to madam. That good of him****
IPO: yes madam. It was this young man that alerted the police "pointing at me"****he reads out my statement to madam.
Sunkanmi also add sauce and juice to the story. Madam was so exicited. See me at home tomorrow sunday at 3pm "madam said to me".

Its 3pm on sunday, I dressed well and went straight to the white house. I was welcomed warmly. Madam, janet and gideon were sitting in the living room.
MADAM: onihaxy, I'm so happy about what you did, for your courage, boldness and the police you invited to save our properties from been stolen.
ME: ******my head come dey swell***. You are welcome ma.
MADAM: now, you are now more than a lesson teacher. You are now part of our family. Feel free to come here any time. You may sleep over whenever you feel like
ME: ****my head come swell again***** thank you ma.
MADAM: sikira!!!!!!!!!!!!, show onihaxy his new room. He is now part of us, whenever he feels like sleeping over, he should be welcomed.

Janet looked at me, she smiled and winked. I followed sikirat to see the room.
Now, no more sneaking, we are now closer. "Sikirat said".

I left the white house on that sunday evening, different thoughts running through my mind. What is janet up to?, why did she winked at me?, what if I was caught with sikirat?, I thought of everything and decided to maintain my usual lesson outing with to the white house.
Sikirat's lesson at my home continued every market days, I keep on enjoying food stuffs and beef courtesy of sikirat, we still our friday night lesson/sex at the white house.
Something happened along the line. I came for lessons as usual and met janet in the living room looking depressed and sad. I tried talking to her but she won't say a word. I manipulated her by every means but she won't talk, I came closer to her, held her palm, she was so cold, I looked into her eyes and it was soaked,
Janet must be going through something or something happened to her I thought, yet she wouldn't speak. Janet stood up and went to her room. I didn't know where the boldness came from, I followed her.
She sat on her bed, bending down her head and supporting it with her left hand, she was wearing her usual bump short with a yellow top. I sat beside her. Held her hand again trying to talk to her.
"Janet, you can talk to me"
I can't say anything, she replied.
"Do you want me to start crying also?"
She lift up head looked at me and said,
Onihaxy, "I have been heart broken".

ME: what really happened?
JANET: I used to have a boyfriend, his name his kingsley. He is the one who deflowered me and I love him so much.
ME: so what went wrong?
JANET: I loved him with everything, my life, my parent's money, my everything******wanted to cry***
ME: its ok janet, but you still haven't tell me what happened.
JANET: he said he is no longer interested*****crying****
ME:****placed my hand on her back, drew her closer*****. He said so for what?, why?, what did he said your offence is?
JANET: he said I am proud, arrogant, rude and bossy.
I smiled, comforted her, wiped her tears and cuddled her. That day marks the beginning of my friendship with janet. We chat and gist for the first time for long hours.
I got home, dropped my fone on my bed and tried to catch some sleep when I got a new whatsapp message, "thanks so much for your words of comfort, and thanks for giving me a smile today". This is my whatsapp number". I smiled and saved it.
Day after day, week after week, janet and I became closer that we exchange calls and texts everyday, we chat till late nights. I graduated from sitting room conversations to following her into her room on many occasions. One day while in janet's room, a text came in from sikirat, "onihaxy, we have to talk". Chaiii, sikirat is getting uncomfortable.

Its was another market day, sikirat came around as usual. But this time, she wore a frown face.
SiKIRAT: what is going on between you and aunty janet?
ME: there is nothing. I'm just trying to make friend with her so as to persuade her to take her lessons serious and pass her exams.
SIKIRAT: ****sad face****, onihaxy its a lie, I have been noticing the two of you recently, I know she has been calling you recently, its unfair oooooo, you want to dump me abi? ***wanted to cry**
ME: ****i drew her closer***, I'm not dumping you, you know I like you.
SIKIRAT: I'm scared, I'm not feeling safe, this is my first time of having a graduate boyfriend in my life, this is my first time of loving a guy to this level, I don't trust you,
ME: why?
SIKIRAT: you may dump me because I am a house girl.
ME: you know I won't do that.
I pet sikirat, I drew her mouth closer and plant a kiss on her lips, she responded, it led to a hot romance, I walked my hands down to her. Blouse, pulled it off, I found her bosom, I sucked, lick her down to the abdomen, then lift up her long skirt, pull her pant to one side with my finger, exposing her already wet Kitty-Cat, tease the clit, sikirat was giving out heavy moan. I was doing my job on the Kitty-Cat, squeezing her bosom with the left hand and unzipping my trousers with the right hand. She was moeaning heavily without holding my dick. This is strange, sikirat that I know will grab my dick and do mouth justice to it. But this time she didn't. My erected dick couldn't sense that there was a danger ahead.
I had pulled off my trousers, pull out a condom, wore it on my erected dick. I was about digging her suckaway when said "onihaxy wait".
SIKIRAT: do you truly love me?
ME: offcourse you know that I do, why the question?
SIKIRAT: if you know you truly love me, there is something I want you to do for me right now. Will you do it?
ME: ****my dick still erect and eager to dig the suckaway****, yes dear, just name it dear, I will do anything for you, I mean anything, just name it. I can catch shekau for you if you ask for it.
SIKIRAT: *****she opened her purse, brought out a blade***. If you know you truly love me, I want us to make a blood covenant so that I can be assured that you will not just Bleep me and dump me.
My dick dropped instantly...............

"Shocked" blood covenant?
Sikitat: yes dear, I just want to be sure that I'm save.
ME: baby, I can't do that
SIKIRAT: e mean say u no love me be that, u will dump me for Aunty janet.
ME: no sikirat, I won't do that. But the reason why I can't do blood covenant is because its against the bible, its of the devil, and its not safe scientifically.
SIKIRAT: so bleeping me is in the bible abi?, I know it that you are just bleeping me for fun, I know it that you will dump me.
ME: **calm he down***, sikirat, its not what you think, diseases like HIV or "hepatomadetis" can be contacted.
SIKIrAT: **straight face***, what is hepatomadetis?
ME:****wetin sef?, why I go just mention something wey no exist. Thought for a while****. Its a disease from metals like shared blade, the blade might be used somewhere before and repackaged. If the person has the disease, both of us will contact it and die slowly.
SIKIRAT: ok, what can you do to assure me that I'm save?,
ME: ***took a deep sigh***. Ok, I will not be close with janet again.
SIKIRAT: are you sure?
ME: yes
She was bit convinced, still Unclad but mr dick is dead, we were there for a while, looking at each other's face.
SIKIRAT: oya let's continue what we are doing.
ME: I'm not in the mood.
Sikirat looked at me and smiled. "Sebi its becos of the convenant thing?"
Not really.
Sikirat came closer, grabbed my dick, held it and started a handjob, then proceeded to Mouth Action. gradually, mr dick responded, we ended with a round of sweet sex before she depart for market.
The next lesson period came, janet had called me at 12pm to remind me of the water melon she told me to bring earlier.
How will I play my game in this white house?
How do I act that sikirat will not be offended and janet will not suspect?
Now that I was beginning to like janet, how do I go about it?. What if sikirat opened up to janet about our sexcapades. Suddenly, I stopped thinking and proceeded to the white house at 1pm.

When it was 1pm, I reached the gate, knocked and entered the house, I didn't meet janet, sikirat was the only one at home. Where is janet? "I asked".
SikIRAT:"She went out her boyfriend"
Me: Boy what?
SikiRAT:"Why are u asking?, sebi u said you are not dating her?"
ME: yes, I am not, but she was supposed to attend my lessons,
SiKIRAT: then let her be. By the way, what are you holding in the nylon in your hand
ME: water melon. Janet begged me to buy it for her and she will pay me.
SIKIRAT: you see, I said it that you and aunty janet are up to something. So you have been bringing fruits for her abi?, so me I am a mugu for bring something for you abi?
ME: I went closer to her, held her hands and calm her. "Sikirat teminikan sooso, no one will ever take me away from you, I promise" I said to her
**** Sikirat was wearing a short top and an apron***, what should I offer you?
ME: anything.
SIKIRAT: anything?, like bosom?
I giggled and smiled, sikirat drew closer to me on the chair, she located my lips and kissed me passionately as if she was on heat, I responded, located her bosom, squeezed it hard. She was moaning, I checked the time, its 1:40pm, I know janet will be back any moment from now. I took my hands from her chest and lifted up her gown, pull her pants aside and finger bleeped her, she was moaning and dripping on her dress.
Just abt 3minutes into the finger bleeping, she opened my zip and was rubbing my dick when we heard a knock on the gate.
that is aunty janet coming, let's stop and wait till friday night. Within 1 minute, sikirat repackaged her self and acted as if she doesn't know me. Sikirat is not only skillful but also smart. She walked into her room while janet came in.
Sikira!!!!!!!!!!!, janet screamed. Yes aunty "sikirat replied". Go to mama tope and tell to give you my cloth, while coming back, buy a pack of always for me. She gave sikirat a sum of money while sikirat went out, she looked at me with a kind of eyes like "this people will be here alone ooooo".
JaNET: something is smelling here
ME: ****scared****, something like what?
JANET: something like used under wear
ME: ****i looked at my hands, I remembered manipulation sikirat****. Maybe its yours. Pls excuse me, I want to ease myself
JANET: then go to your room or don't you have room here?
ME: ***laughed*** I have forgotten ni, I went to wash my hands and returned back to the living room.
ME: where are you coming from and who is the guy you went out with?
JANET: why are u asking?, and how did you know I went out with a guy?
ME: I saw both of you while I was coming
JaNET: so why didn't you call me?
ME: I decided to wait till you are back.
JANET: well he is a DJ someone recommended for me.
ME: a DJ?, what for?
JANET: oooh, so sorry I didn't tell you, next week saturday is my birthday. I'm celebrating it here in this compound.
ME: ooh, dats cool, am I invited?
JANET:**hit my chest*** silly you, if you have 2 heads, don't come. You will see what I will do for you **she smiled**
ME: ok sha, my mind is at peace now, I was thinking the guy is your boyfriend.
JANET: boy what?, don't tell me you are jealous?m
ME: ** e be like say this girl know wetin dey worry me** offcourse I am.
JaNET: but why?
ME: because I can't watch one guy taking you away from me.
JANET: take me away from you?, are we dating?, did u ask me out?, aren't we friends? Bla bla bla.
ME: **confused on what to say. I held her two hands****: janet, see, ever since we became close, I have loved you, I can't stop thinking about you, all my dreams are full of you, I hardly do anything without the thoughts of you, ***sweet talk continues****
JANET: so what are you driving at?
ME: I want you to be my girlfriend. The person I will always love.
JANET: ***smiled***, well I will think about it. Just give me some time.
ME: ok
I drew close to her and peck her on the chick, then whispered into her ear "I can die if you say NO to me". Janet smiled and kissed me, pull my ear to her mouth and whispered. "What took you so long".
Chaiii, I was so excited that we couldn't do lesson that day. We were just hugging and talking about love. When sikirat arrived from her errands, I pretend as if nothing happened. Then I told janet. "I will come tomorrow, I am not feeling fine"****************

Janet and I continued our discussion on whatsapp, she keeps saying she hasn't thought about it. I make sure I clear our chats so as to prevent sikirat from going through it.
On the morning of her birthday, I drafted a long romantic message to janet. I went there at noon to give her a gift of 5 pink undies, I remembered her telling me she loved pink colour.
When it was about 4pm after dancing and eating, I told madam and janet that I want to be leaving, but they both insisted that I should sleep over because I have not be using the room I was given, I accepted and collected the keys, then I went straight to my room. Sikirat called and ask me if she could come, I replied her that we may be caught, she reasoned and stayed away from me. After dinner, I went to my room, had a shower, picked up my phone and playing games. At about 10pm, I got a whatsapp message from janet. "Thanks so much for the gift, its the most romantic I have ever received. I love you so much". My dick signalled, I screamed "yeeeeess, it worked"
That night, we had our first romantic chats till 12:30am. I told her to put on the pants and show me, she will put then on one after the other, snapped and send to me. I feel like going to meet her in her room, but I must play safe because of madam. I text her to open her door that I want to sneak into her room, she replied that mummy is a light sleeper, I calmed down and remained in my room.
Throughout the week one, the love was so hot in janet, she always act funny to the extent that sikirat is getting uncomfortable. Then I told janet in one of our conversations
ME: janet, I want us to keep this relationship a secret from sikirat and everyone around.
JANET: why?
ME: you know, she may directly or indirectly tell mummy about it.
JANET: she can't. She dare not.
ME: even if she can't, I just want it to be secret whenever I'm in your compound.
JANET: ok.
We continued on our secret affairs in the house. The following week, I invited janet to my house. She promised to show up and I gave her my address.

It was on tuesday. 2 days before the next market day. Janet had informed me earlier that she would be my guest at 11am. She had my address.
I arranged my room, put a clean bed spread on my bed, carefully placed a new pack of CD under my bed, I sprayed air re-freshener . At 9am, I went to a neighbourhood store to purchase alomo. I came back inside and I removed the plastic chair in my room so that janet will have no choice than to sit on the bed. I inserted a movie disc "Unclad weapon" into my DVD player and paused it at 2mins of play with the mindset of resuming play when janet arrived.
I was sitting on bed rehearsing on how I will get down to janet's panties. I was thinking of how to make the move, where to touch, topics to bring on, I just had this 100% believe that I must bleep janet today. I decided to play PES on my android to while away time not until about 10:05am that I heard a knock on my door "ko ko ko".
I was amazed how janet could smartly locate my house and room, my dick signalled, I was so excited within me, I resumed the PLAY button on my DVD.
Who is there?, come in "I said". When the door was opened, I was shocked. "Sikirat, you never told me you are coming" I yelled at sikirat as she was entering my room.

SIKIRaT: why is your face like this now?. Are you not happy to see me? Or are you expecting someone?
ME: rara ooo, I just woke up from sleep when I heard your knock, and I knew today isn't market day, so I was surprised to see you.
SiKIRAT: are you sure you are not expecting someone?
ME: NO, so where are you going? ***feeling uncomfortable*****
SIKIRAT: we ran out of groundnut oil, so madam dropped some money this morning that I should get groundnut oil. So I decided to branch and check on you
ME: that's ok, how is janet?, Is she at home?
SiKIRAT: yes she is, but it seems she is going out because she was dressing up when I went to her room
ME: ***i became restless*** really?, where is she going?
SIKIRAT: I don't know oo, wetin concern me?, abi is she coming here to your place?
ME: my place kee?, you know that can never happen.
SiKIRAT: I trust u dear. *****she lied down on the bed****, let me rest a bit dear, I'm tired.
ME:******restlessness continues*****, ok dear
A whatsapp message came in. I checked and it was from janet. "Dear, I'm on my way to your house, I just board a bike". Chaiii, wahala don shele, how do I clean up this mess?

I was restless and began to think of what to do next. suddenly, an idea flashed into my brain. I picked up my phone, played a ring tone, after ringing for a while, I stopped it and placed the phone on my ear.
"Hello, who is this?"
"What!!!!!!, from which hospital?"
"Accident, how did it happened"
"OMG!!!, is it that fatal?"
"JESOOOOS, I will be there shortly"
****sikirat was watching my action in a clueless manner. Dear, what happened?, which accident?
"Sikirat, it was a call from JIDEMARK hospital that one of my neighbour had a fatal accident and he is bleeding seriously. I was told to come right away as he is at the point of death.
SIKIRAT: ok dear, quickly go, I will wait here for you.
ME: ***wetin dey worry this girl sef?, e be like say she be winch****. You can't wait for me, I might not return today. I don't know how serious it is. We will see at your compound tomorrow.
I put on my shirt and a palm slippers, locked the door, rushed out and stopped a bike. Still, sikirat was standing there waiting for the bike to move, I don't know what to do. I told the bike man to take me to jidemark hospital. As the bike was moving, I saw sikirat walking away in the opposite direction ans still looking back to see me moving. "Chaii, this girl must be an ogbanje".
The bike turned at the first turning from my junction and I told him to stop. "Olokada, abeg, I left something important at home. Take this 30naira and go". I went back home, passing through the shortcuts and entered my compound through the back door.
I opened the door, entered my room and noticed that sikirat's left earrings fell off on the bed. I picked it and hid it somewhere. As I was re-arranging my bed, my phone rang, its a call from janet. I picked it
ME: hello janet, where are you?
JANET: I'm am in front of your house
ME: how do you know its my house?
JANET: I don't know , I just know I'm in front of the house you gave me in the address.
ME: ok dear, I'm coming.
I went outside and saw janet standing in front of my house on a short pink gown. I said to myself "chaiiii, today na today"**************

Janet walked in, I shut the door and she sat on my bed watching the "Unclad weapon" I slotted in the DVD,. We chatted for minutes then i lay behind her and joined her in watching. She was interested in the film that she began to adjust her sitting positions. My mind wasn't in the film as I was thinking of how to execute my
mission. Then I held palms and gently
caressing it. Janet wasn't responding, "chaiiiii, wetin I go do?", I then adjusted. I started playing with her wrist band, telling her how perfect and pretty she was and how I love to spend the rest of my life with her, she smiled and said "are you sure?". I pecked her and said "yes". She came closer, rest her back on my chest, facing the TV screen and continued with the movie.
I placed my arms slightly around her upper stomach, right under her bosoms. I could feel the sensation of her bosoms on my arms. Meanwhile, the movie is showing the indecency section with the targets the girls wanted to kill after sex.
I started smooching her stomach
gently, moving slowly to the side of her
bosoms, using my palms and fingers to
caress her. Janet just pretend like she was concentrating on the film.. Her pink gown has 3 buttons at the top. I loosed the 3 buttons and push her bosom out of the bra. I made a
slow movement with my middle
fingers around her Tips, then squeezed
her Tips as gently as possible. Then
she made a light moan as I squeeze them. "Chaiii, e don set"
Then I moved to a kneeling position behind her, I started kissing the sides of her neck while doing my magic with my fingers. I could feel her heart-beat increase and her breathing became more intense. This went on for minutes. Now my dick is gaining velocity. While kissing neck , I raised up her gown to reveal her pink net half pant which I bought for her on her birthday.
So I started to pull up her gown slowly,her bosom is still out of her bra while the bra Is still on her. Chaii, janet's bosoms is bigger than what she covered in her bra. I started kissing her neck again, down to her spine and back. Then I unbuttoned her bra from the back and removed it slowly. Omo see bobby!. She lied down on the bed,
facing up looking at me.
Then janet said "so invited me here for sex?" I said "no, I really like you and
I love spending time with you". I teased her a little. She believe me, I bent over
and started kissing her passionately, she held the back of my head and was kissing me too. All the while, I was caressing her bosom and Tips with one hand. I stopped kissing her lips. I very slowly, started kissing her down: neck, chest, stomach, then I returned to the bosoms and grabbed it, it was a full size that my hand couldn't carry.
Then I come grab her huge bosoms,
I kissed her bosom started teasing the Tips with my tongue. She was moaning slowly. Then I placed my full lips on her bosoms and sucked gently, She let out an heavy moan "ooooouch". my Second hand was smooching her other bosom and gently squeezing her Tips. She was pressing my head toward her bosom to the extent that I found it difficult to breath.
After few seconds, I stopped to breath a little, she grab my head back
to her Tips and told me to continue. I come continued and switching bosoms and doing magic with my fingers. At intervals, I would stop to breath a little and later returned to sucking. I made the
next move... I took my hands down to her thigh and caressing it upward and downward to and fro the Kitty-Cat area.
I did the movement like 5 times while still sucking the bosom, no time to waste, I parted her pant to one side with my hand. OMG!!, janet is already wet, her pant is stained with her juice.
I located her clit and start teasing it. Janet began to move in various uncomfortable positions while moaning at different tempo and notes. She opened her leg wider and drew closer.
I moved my finger from her clit and move it into the Kitty-Cat hole. From one finger to two, janet began to jerk under my finger. I moved my mouth from her bosoms. Take it down there, about to suck. She pull her leg together and covered it with her hand. Janet, what happened? "I whispered". I find it irritating, I haven't be sucked before, "she replied". I smiled and said "why not no watch me patiently as I give you a heavenly ride". She noded and re-open her legs.
I spend most of the time on her clit, teasing it with my tongue, she was moaning heavily that she scattered my bed sheet and she cummed heavily on my bed. She was breathing heavily like someone who wants to faint. I was scared and I asked "should I stop?". She said "please continue".
"Chaiiii, so this girl like this thing". I proceeded to the clit again while finger bleeping her Kitty-Cat hole, this time, her moan and tone increased. when I noticed that she is getting weak, I stopped and said "pls give me a head". No I can't, I hate it with passion " she replied.". I felt a little bit disappointed and lied beside her, handling her bosom only, she adjusted and lie sideways. She began to stroke my dick in an amateur way, I smiled. She the stopped and the turned around to other side, now her back and a$$ is facing me. I slid my hand under my bed, removed a condom and wore it. I lie facing the a$$. I start finger bleeping her again. She was moaning. Then I inserted the tip of my dick. "Yeeee!, what is that! Janet shouted". She turned around, looked at it and said "bad boy, when did you wear the condom?, I was scared because I don't want to get pregnant. I love the big size anyways. But pls be easy with me and don't hurt me". She turned back facing me with her a$$$. I smiled and slid my condimized dick into her wet hole. Janet was tight but sikirat was tighter so I was amazed but I didn't bother to ask questions.
I rode janet in and out slowly, she was moaning heavily. Ooooouch, huuuuuuh, haaaaaaaa, onihaxy, you have killed me ooooooo, you will kill me today ooooooo, my mummy ooooooooo". On hearing this, I rode harder and deeper. After 6minutes, I switched to missionary, I was bleeping and sucking her bosom at the same time. After a while, I re-adjust, lied down and make her sat on me. She was riding slowly in an amateur manner. I wasn't enjoying it so I pulled her closer, arrested her arms by clamping her back with my hands, then I did the bleeping myself. Janet was shouting and screaming louder that I had to increase the volume of the movie with the remote on the bed.
I was about about to switch her into canine when she said "please onihaxy, I am too weak, no let me die here abeg, I'm tired to continue". I can see from her mood that she is weak. I removed the condom. Pulled her closer and kissed her.
You be bad boy ooo, I will report you to my mummy that you bleeped me" janet said.
"Smiled" go ahead ooooo omo mummy, I replied and we chated for a while.
Please I need to get going, I want to go and read,
"Don't worry, I'm your teacher, let's read here".
Naughty you, I will tell my mummy for you. We joked for a while. Janet wore her cloths, used my body spray and set to leave. I saw her off to the main road to pick a bike. After she left, I went into the house. My neighbour in the next room said "hmmm hmmmm, abeg next time make you dey increase the volume of your TV or radio oooo, no dey disturb me with moans oooo". I smiled and said "you dey craze ni. The one wey you and labake omo alakara dey take disturb me nko?. We joked over it before I entered into my room. I picked my phone at the bottom of my trolley and saw 13 missed calls from sikirat. Then I remembered I placed the phone on silence as janet entered my room
The second day was market day, sikirat came to my house as usual. This time, she wasn't looking happy.
ME: sikkybaby, what's wrong with you?
SIKIRAT: just leave me ooooooooo
ME: what's wrong?, have I offended you?
SIKIRAT: I heard aunty janet calling you on phone yesterday saying she has reached home. It means she came here yesterday.
ME: rara oooo, she called me that she want to go somewhere, and I told her to let me know when she is back maybe I can come and tutor her. That's all
SIKIRAT: are you sure?
ME: yes dear. Don't you trust me again?
SIKIRAT: ****smiles*****, u thought she came here ni, I don't want to share you with anybody
ME: ****wahala don dey ooo****. Trust me dear
She smiled, we had a 40mins maths lesson, then a hot 2 rounds of sex before she leaving for market after collecting her earing.
Week after week. I continued my tutorial at the white house. I don't Bleep janet there. Instead, I will do that whenever she comes to my house. I was always serious whenever I was around. If janet wants to be free with me, she will send sikirat on an errand because I told her that sikirat might inform madam about us. And when its friday nights, I will resume my sexcapades with sikirat. I so much like sikirat because she was skillful, smart and intelligence, but I love janet because of her milk factory. Sikirat was becoming suspicious about I and janet, but I will keep assuring her that nothing was going on. And she dare not to confront janet about it. Everything was going smoothly Not until about 4 weeks to jamb when madam called me to see her on a sunday evening and its very important, she was so scary on the fone. I was scared "cheiii, wind don blow, fowl yarnsh don open"

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