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13 Makeup Brushes You Didn’t Know You Needed (Photos)



These days, there are so many types of makeup brushes that it is very easy to get lost. If you are new at makeup or just looking for ways to up your game, then check read about makeup brushes and their uses, and you will finally understand what is going on.

If you want your face to look good, you will definitely need proper makeup tools, meaning brushes, so we will give you the general overview, just so that you have a good grasp on the subject.

Without further ado, here are thirteen types of makeup brushes and their uses.


Let’s begin with the biggest brush on this list. Kabuki brush, named after the Japanese drama theatre, is used to apply and blend powder makeup on the large areas of the face. This brush is short and very bushy; its dense bristles are usually made out of horse or goat hair, or out of synthetic material. It is quite universal, but its immense size is not ideal for more deliberate strokes.


If you want a little bit more control over where your powder is going, you should consider getting a powder brush. It can help you apply loose or compact powder to your face without making you look like an ashy ghost. You can also use it to touch up your makeup and not be afraid of ruining the whole thing.


In order to apply liquid foundation to your face, you might want to use a foundation brush. They come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to apply your foundation evenly. As long as your foundation brush is of good quality, you will be able to achieve a very smooth and natural look.

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Nobody is perfect, which is why there is a concealer brush. It is usually small and flat, and that gives you the ability to cover even the tiniest details. With this brush, you can apply your concealer to the problem spots and carefully cover everything you need. Just get some product on the brush and pat it onto the problem area without blending, and you will achieve the best result.


You might have seen this large fan-like brush at the makeup store and wondered what it was for. Well, we will solve that mystery by telling you that it is a highlight brush. Thanks to its unique shape, it allows you to apply a very light layer of highlight to your cheekbones without wasting too much of the product. You can also use it to lightly brush off the excess product from your face.


No matter how dark your skin might be, a little blush will not hurt. For this, you can use a blush brush. Blush brushes can be round or angled, depending on the look you are going for. For a sharper look, use an angled brush; for a softer look, use a round brush.


 Just like blush brushes, contour brushes come in all shapes and sizes. However, these ones are much smaller and have pointed tips, which allow for finer lines. If you love carving out your face with contouring, then you should definitely have this brush in your makeup brushes set.

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Sometimes, the brushes we have mentioned above, no matter how good, still leave you looking fake. In this case, you can try using a stippling brush for applying and blending your foundation. It is different from all the other brushes, as it has thin bristles at the end and thick bristles at the base, giving you that perfect (and, most importantly, realistic) look.


Now we are moving into the eye territory, and we want to begin with the eyeliner brush. It is usually the smallest brush in the arsenal of a makeup artist, as it allows to create very fine and precise lines. With this brush, you can finally draw the winged eyeliner of your dreams!


It is 2018, which means that you cannot apply your eyeshadow with your fingers anymore. If you need to add some colour to your eyelids, you need to use the eyeshadow brush. With its help, you can get the eyeshadow from its container to your eye with minimal fallout and evenly distribute it over the eyelid.


While the previous brush is perfect for simply applying product, the blending brush can help you blend that product out. It is usually fairly small and fluffy, which is ideal for when you are trying to get that perfect smoky eye or blend several colours together.

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This brush is a little bit of a multipurpose tool. You can use it almost anywhere on your face for creating very precise lines. It can be used for the eyeliner, for lining the crease of the eye, for drawing the brows or even for drawing the lips. Just make sure you wash the brush before using it with different products.


While most lip products either can be applied directly to the lips or come with their own applicator, you still might need a good lip brush. You can use it to achieve better coverage or to add a little bit of a different colour on top of your already painted lips. You can use the lip brush to line your lips as well.

As you can see, there is nothing too complicated about makeup brushes types. Yes, there are a lot of them, but each has its own specific purpose. Nevertheless, if you get confused, you can always ask for help from a person at the makeup counter. They can help you out and recommend the makeup brushes you need. And once you get the brushes, the most important thing to remember is that they need to be washed!

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