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10 Things You’ll Find In A Ghanaian Lady’s Bag

10 Things You’ll Find In A Ghanaian Lady’s Bag

Women are very complex creations. They do things that baffle us all the time but we love them still. 

One thing they do which makes us a bit confused is what they pack in their bags. There is nothing they don’t put in their handbags, except maybe a TV and a fridge, just kidding.

Below are things you’ll find in the handbag of a Ghanaian lady.

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1. Makeup Kit

It’s obvious, they can’t go without their makeup kits. Of course, they need to touch up every now and then whether they are leaving a restaurant or leaving their office.

Image: Nykaa



2. Comb

They need it to put their hair in order. Walking through town can mess up their hair so they need to style it back up. Beauty is bae as they say….lol

Woman trying to comb her frizzy hair


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