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10 Things Men Need To Stop Wearing Before We Step Into 2018


So basically there are a lot of things we’ve been doing wrong when it comes to dressing as men, all because we feel, a man doesn’t need to take good care of himself or let’s just say, we are “I don’t care”.

The perception out there is that, it is a woman who needs to look good because she needs to attract men but that’s wrong, looking good doesn’t need to attract men, it gives you confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.

Men usually don’t pay attention to a lot of things when it comes to dressing but the little things you don’t pay attention to, are the things others use to judge you.

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In 2018, we wish to change that and so here are 10 things men need to stop wearing before we step into the new year.

1. Worn Out Shoes Or Sneakers.

If you’re still wearing those shoes with a half sole or sneakers that look worn out and dirty, drop them before we hit 2018. Wearing those shoes doesn’t only ruin your dressing, it actually affects your health. Half soles, for instance, affect your joints and gives you backaches. Dirty or cracked sneakers allows bacteria in and it is the reason why you’ve probably been battling with foot rot all these years. If you want to change that, drop them before we hit 2018.



2. T-Shirts With Loose Sleeves.

Well in case you didn’t know, the “T” in T-shirt, means Tight and that’s what you are supposed to do. Wearing T-Shirts with loose sleeves defeat the purpose for which it was designed. The idea behind T-shirts is to give you a masculine appearance and so when you wear them with loose sleeves they don’t look good. Now, can you drop that in 2017 and get yourself some nice T-shirts that fit perfectly before we hit 2018?

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3. Bell Bottom Jeans Or Trousers.

Now you should know that these type of trousers or jeans are outdated and so just because you found it in the second-hand clothing store doesn’t mean you should bring it home.

Why is it not good? Wearing such jeans or trousers only swallows up the type of shoes you’re wearing, taking away the beauty of the shoes or sneakers you’re wearing.

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