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10 Biggest Misconceptions About Yoga



Yoga is the new trend in Ghana with a lot of people gradually getting into the practice.

Yoga is a discipline which includes breath control, simple meditation, adoption of specific bodily postures for health and relaxation.

There is, however, a lot of misconceptions associated with this practice and below are a few of them.


1. People Believe It’s Just Regular Exercise.

Yoga involves the mind, body and spirit. It helps you be at peace with who you are and the world around you. It’s not just exercise.



2. That All People Do Is Stretch.

Yoga involves a whole lot than just stretching, it also involves some bit of meditation. Getting into all those Yoga postures takes a lot and it’s not as easy as people see it.

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3. And Become Vegans.

There are indeed certain forms of Yoga (Yes, there are various forms of Yoga) which promote veganism or vegetarianism but not all Yogis are vegetarians.




4. It’s Easy.

Those poses you see online are not that easy. Someone said, “what’s so hard about sitting on the floor with your legs crossed?”. It looks easy but it definitely isn’t easy. What they forget is that it’s not about getting into those poses, it involves the mind, body and spirit and that, is not easy.


5. It’s For Slim, Flexible People.

Flexibility is not the only reason for Yoga. Plus, practice makes perfect, therefore, anybody at all can get into Yoga and will be fine with constant practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day.




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6. It’s Satanic.

It’s a spiritual and physical exercise but has got nothing to do with evil.

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7. It’s Dangerous.

Yoga is very safe but just as with every form of exercise, moderation is key. Some practitioners get themselves into complex poses just to satisfy their ego and end up hurting themselves. So Yoga is not dangerous, just know your body and know when to stop.



8. Yoga Is For Girls.

There are lots of guys involved in Yoga. In fact, I’ve seen more male Yoga teachers tan females. So get that gym bag and head off to the next Yoga studio ASAP!!!




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9. It’s For The Affluent.

How much does a Yoga pant cost? Or how much does your regular exercise outfit cost? Yoga classes do not cost that much so you can join, it’s for everybody.


10. It’s A Taboo To Sleep With Your Yoga Teacher.

There are rules in everything and it’s normally not advised to get involved with someone you work with but love is a strange thing right. Yoga practice doesn’t disapprove of any sexual relationship between a practitioner and a teacher provided it’s of mutual understanding. Indeed, there are so many Yoga teachers who are couples.



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